Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Michelle is 3 months old!

Finally, the little terror is 3 months old yesterday! She celebrated it by.... going to the doctor! Not very fun.. she had to get another jab yesterday. Oh well, I guess she'll get a jab whenever she turns a month older until she's a year old.

Anyway, looking back at the past 3 months....

The first month after delivery was really hard for me. The hormones were driving me crazy as I sometimes just felt upset or angry at myself, other people, or just at the situation that I was in (a lot of pain, stressed out, no milk, etc). Even when other people tells me that things would get better, I didn't really believe them. But things really got better! :)

In the beginning, I really felt like going back to work and just leave the baby at home with my mother (since I sucked so much in mothering...) but now that my maternity leave is going to end in less than 1 month, I think I'm going to miss her a lot when I'm at work. But I'm also looking forward to working again, to use my brain again, and to have more adult interaction.

And mothering is really a learning process. I thought I would manage well since the beginning since I read soooo many books about pregnancy, birth, and childcare. I assumed that everything will go smoothly as planned. I went through pregnancy in a breeze. I think I had one of the easiest pregnancy compared to my friends. Birth definitely didn't go as planned because I ended up needing an emergency c-section because of fetal distress. For childcare, I never imagined that milk will never come, I didn't even research on which formula milk to give to my baby before my hospital stay! My husband had to go and try out all the formula milk before we decided on one. I guess my point is we have to be flexible, or we'll end up stressing ourselves. Having my mother around also helped a lot. Firstly, she took care of the baby more than me in the first few weeks. She also encouraged me to go out, that made me feel normal again. Even just a 5 minutes stroll outside the house made me feel really good, so imagine the effect of going shopping the whole day! :D

Baby progress...

  1. She was born with quite strong neck, but now it's even stronger that she sometimes "jump" out of my lap.
  2. She sleeps throughout the night (since birth.. lucky me!)
  3. She can smile and "talk" now. At one point she even said "mama" and "mommy"! But I'm sure it's a coincident and she wasn't referring to me.
  4. She has outgrown majority of her clothes! SHOPPING TIME!
  5. She can now put her hands into her mouth successfully, instead of using them to poke her own eyes.
  6. She can now throw her temper by screaming when she doesn't want to drink her milk or when she's carried in a position that she doesn't like... (poor me?)
  7. She can turn from her back to her tummy now, but then she'll scream for help after a while because she can't turn back.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Omigod it's March!

Time really flies, it's already March today and let's see.... there's less than one month of maternity leave for me, Michelle is now almost 3 months old, and I've been taking care of her just by myself for a week... it's a tiring week, mom was really helping a lot during her 2 months plus stay here.

There's a mix feeling about going back to work. On one hand, I wanna be able to stay at home and take care of the baby and just watch how she grows. On the other hand, I do miss working and using my brain for things other than how to soothe the baby or what time the last feeding was. Thankfully, my mom has agreed to come and help taking care of Michelle so at least I can still play with her at night after work and during weekends.

And for other updates....

We went to Johor during CNY and stayed at Mercure Palm Resort. It was like moving house. The smallest person in the family has the most amount of stuff over there! We actually brought her playpen, sterilizer, bottles, milk powder, diapers, car seat, and even her baby detergent! I don't think it was worth the hassle going there because we couldn't really enjoy much and it was a short trip but the preparation was taking a lot of time. Maybe we should go for a holiday again only when she's older (perhaps able to walk?)

About 3 weeks ago (8 Feb) when Michelle was 2 months old, she had to go for her 6 in 1 vaccination which contains.... *erm forgot*... Anyway, she cried like less than 3 seconds and then made an angry sound at the doctor and then she appeared fine... so proud of her! :D

We've been going out to a lot of shopping centers (especially when my youngest sister was here). I can't buy much clothes because I haven't slimmed down to my "optimal" size yet, but I think my sis bought a whole luggage full of new clothes!! And Michelle also got lucky because she also got a lot of new outfit too... WHEN WILL I SLIM DOWN??! Anyway, we discovered that ION Orchard and Changi Airport have great baby care rooms :p

Erm... I don't know what else to write... and the baby is gonna wake up soon.... update again next time!

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