Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy busy busy!!

I really need to find more time to update this blog. The last time I updated it was more than a month ago! Well, I've been busy with a lot of things (mostly mothering) lately.

Here's just some random stuff that I've been doing...

Finding an alternative to carrying baby all the time

Michelle always wants me to carry her around whenever she's awake, including during my meal times! So there's a lot of times when I had to eat with one hand while holding her on my lap using the other hand. So finally we bought her a Fisher-price Jumperoo and high chair... She likes it so far and both of them give my back a little rest :)

Here's a picture of her in the Jumperoo. We had to put a small cushion below because she's too short to reach the floor :D

And this high chair comes handy since she's started eating solid food. My mom said should just mix into the milk and feed using the bottle instead of bowl. I thought it's more fun to feed using bowl and spoon :p

I went back to work!

I didn't work that much on the first day, mostly because I couldn't login to my office network! *oops* I think too much inactivity has made my computer gone mad! So basically, I spent the first one and a half day trying to restore all my access, etc. Going back to work wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I missed Michelle but I didn't worry that much because I know that my mom is taking good care of her at home. Seeing zillions of emails in my inbox was pretty scary, but the number quickly went down after 2 days, and now my inbox is almost clean except for a few items that I need to do by the end of next week. Not so bad... :)

There are so many new people in the office!! I can't remember all their names already... And there are a few people that I knew that went back to their own countries and I didn't even get to say good-byes!! :(


When my mom wasn't around, I didn't do that much housework because basically both my hubby and me can stand the dirtiness and both of us were just waiting to see who will give up first. And now that my mom is around, she'll try to clean the house when it gets dirty and it makes me feel bad!! So now I gotta clean the house more often. The good point about this is I get to exercise to lose weight.

Decorating Michelle's room

I bought this LG Playmat before I gave birth to Michelle so it was in the box collecting dust for about 4.5 months! When I unrolled the playmat, Michelle was watching me curiously and once I put her on it, she loves it soooo much! She particularly likes the monkey picture. I'm not sure why she's so attracted to monkeys (the one in her book, her grabbing cube, clothes, playmat, etc...)

She looks like a lizard on a wall....

I also bought some wall stickers from Johor (now we go to Johor to buy milk powder quite often) and just managed to paste it on the wall today. Check out the picture below. I think I did quite a good job pasting it on the wall.. hehe :p

Teaching Michelle how to swim

Hehehe actually I just hold her and let her play with the water. My mom bought her a yellow bikini but it's still too big for her. Here's the little celebrity in her yellow Tweety bird bikini...

Waiting impatiently to jump into the pool....

Relaxing in her private swimming pool...

Researching on baby rice cereal

Michelle's PD told me that she's ready for solid food, so I looked around for some baby rice cereal. I couldn't find brown rice cereal (my mom said it's better than white rice), so I bought 2 types to try. First one is Nestle white rice cereal and the other one is Heinz organic vanilla mustard rice cereal. I think the Heinz one will taste nicer so I give her Nestle first before her taste buds get spoilt! Here's a picture of her getting her face dirty with the cereal!

Making sure there's no accidental sibling for Michelle

I just want to concentrate my time and energy on making sure that I raise this baby well first before thinking of having the next baby. I have to rely on my mom now to take care of Michelle. If there's another one come out, I might have to ask for MIL? Or worse, send Michelle to child care so that my mom can take care of next baby? On top of that, the age gap between my sister and me was 13 months and my mom told me that I was so jealous when she brought my sis home and I told her to throw the baby away. I don't really want Michelle to feel this way at such a young age. Hence, I went back to my gynae and get IUD that can stay inside for 3 years. My friends said I'm being weird but my fav doctor said I'm being responsible.. haha.. :D

Checked out Singapore's latest tourism spot

We went to check out the hotels and shopping area of Sentosa Resorts World (didn't go in to Universal Studio though). The shops that I was interested in was Victoria's Secret but it turned out that it's not as nice as the US outlets and much much more expensive (about 40% more). For e.g. those panties that are selling at 5 for USD 25 are selling 5 for SGD 70 here! I also checked out the Coach shop and it's also about 30% more expensive that in US. Oh well, I just have to wait for the next biz trip (hopefully soon!) so that I can buy more stuff!! :D

Online shopping!

I have a few friends overseas who are about to give birth and since I'm such a last minute person, I don't have the luxury to buy the items here and ship it there. An alternative is to find a good shop at their countries that deliver. For my friend in USA, I tried and filled up my shopping cart just to find out that they do not accept international credit card (WHY?!?!?!?!) so I had to redo my orders from another website that sells carters stuff. Arghh... Don't worry NZ ppl, you are safe.. you'll receive your gifts soon :p

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