Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Johor Trip on Sunday

We went to Johor last Sunday to buy more groceries like baby milk powder and other food, and also since my brother's visa will expire on 8 July but his ticket to go back to Jakarta is booked for 10 July. The last time we went to Malaysia, the custom officer at M'sia side actually asked us for "angpao" because we didn't bring a ticket to leave Singapore. What business is it to them?!

So this time round we make sure that they can't find fault with us. The first thing the officer asked (for my mom): "Where is the pass card?". My mom had earlier took it out from her passport because she was worried that it might drop out from the passport and anyway it's a Singapore IC, why does M'sia side need to see it?

Then the next question he asked (about my brother): "When is he going back? Do you bring the ticket?" Lucky we printed the e-ticket and brought it with us! Otherwise, we might have to give him 20 ringgit angpao!

He seemed a little bit disgruntled when we left his booth, but whatever..... :p

We went to both Tesco and Jusco at Bukit Indah area. I think those 2 are the better malls around that area. Tesco is not as nice but they have bigger supermarket so we go there first to do our "supermarketing". After that we went to Jusco for the real shopping! I bought 1 pair of shoes (and got a VIP card hahaha) from one of the shops there. Actually I tried on that pair of shoes a few times before, like every time we go to that mall :p

I like the Japanese restaurant that we went to. It's called Kinsahi (I think...). We ordered a lot of stuff and were sooooo full but the bill came up not so expensive :)

I realized that it's really hard to eat out when you bring a baby, unless the baby is always sleeping. We ended up taking turn to eat because she didn't want to sit in the baby chair and wants us to carry her. But whenever we carry her, her hands will try to grab either the plates, the bowls, cups, etc...

Well, someday I'll look back and miss this time :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Where did the time go?

Time flies really fast when you have a baby with you. This is true in a lot of sense. The first "sense" is every day when I come back from work, I will reach home before 7PM. But after finishing my dinner, playing with Michelle and putting her to sleep, suddenly it's 11PM or even later. There was once that I didn't even do much things and when I checked the time, it was already 2 AM!

Another reason why I said that time flies really fast is because without even realizing it, Michelle is now 6.5 months! She has accomplished so many things in the first half a year of her life. Firstly, she learnt everything even how to control her eye, head, hand, legs movements. And then she has learnt who are the important people in her life, e.g. MOMMY! *hehehehe*, daddy, grandma, auntie, uncle, etc.

I used to think that babies who cry when strangers carry them are timid but it turned out (according to the book) that they are clever if they cry, because it means that they know who are strangers and who are their families and friend. :p

A few days ago she managed to sit down from a crawling position. I wasn't there to witness it but I saw it today :)

And then today she actually managed to crawl a few steps! I am so proud of her because it seems like she has been reading the book "What to expect the first year" - whenever the books says she'll do it this month, she actually did it!

Oh s**t, it's almost 12 midnight! Gotta go now... watch Korean dramas! :)

PS: I've become the typical new mother too... will elaborate further in another post....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blogger Template Designer

Blogger recently launched their template designer and I'm so tempted to change my blog design AGAIN! But on the other hand, I still like my current blog design... I know I'm fickle minded :p

Anyway, I decided to makeover Michelle's blog instead. Yeah, I know the blog that I setup supposedly for posts related to her but ended up not updating it :p

Pretty right? :)

The process to change the template is really easy. First, you just pick one of the template that they provided, then you can customize it by choosing a different background pictures, color scheme, layout, etc. And if you don't like it, you can just revert back.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Michelle meeting ama and agong

My in-laws are back in town since about 2 weeks ago but I was away on business trip for a week and then busy preparing for a test for another weekend, so yesterday was the only day that I'm finally free to meet them for dinner.

Michelle hasn't seen them for about 3-4 months so I'm pretty sure she has totally forgotten about them. True enough, when we just reached there, my MIL was just too eager to carry her and Michelle was scared so she cried! I don't really like it when people do that, but I also can't say anything to her... *sigh*

Since she was crying, I took her back and then they tried to play and talk to her (in Chinese) so I told them (on Michelle's behalf) that she doesn't understand Chinese and only understand English. (Maybe they believe?)

Next moment, my MIL was talking to Michelle in English... she said "Do you remember me?" WAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAH... She actually bought it!

After some warming-up, she finally got back to her usual bubbly self.. bouncing, grabbing stuff and putting them into her mouth, pulling people's hair, etc.

The next time we'll see them is probably in 3 months time and perhaps we'll go through the same ritual again.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Michelle's Progress Update

Little Michelle now likes to hug her mommy and hug her so tight (pulled by the hair!) and give her wet sloppy kisses. It was kinda gross but so sweet and cute when she does that. I just couldn't get enough of her and sometimes my hubby said that I'm a little bit biased.. hahaha.. I don't care! :D

She also managed to pull herself up to a standing position from sitting down position. Kinda early for her age, but maybe firstborn babies are faster because they have all the good ingredients? :D

She started showing signs that she wants to crawl, like lift up buttock, but she hasn't quite managed to crawl yet. And on those times that she "crawled" a little bit, she ended up crawling backwards :D

We also tried a few types of solid food. So far, we have tried baby rice cereal, brown rice cereal, baby biscuits, carrot, sweet potato, and avocado. That's the list of "official" food that she has eaten. The list of "unofficial" ones are durian, a little bit of broccoli, chawanmushi, edamame skin, toys, people, etc... Well, sometimes we just need to give her something to munch on so that we get to eat something!

And she hates the soft toy that I bought for her from Japan! At first she was fine with it, but my mom started to play with the toy. She put Michelle down on the floor and pretended to "sayang" the bear. Maybe Michelle is a little bit jealous now and she refused to play with the bear anymore... such a waste of money!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Japan trip 8 - 11 June 2010

My company sent almost the whole Singapore office to Japan for sales conference from 8 - 11 June. Of course, some people went earlier and left later for personal holiday, but I think it's too expensive to extend the trip because it's basically like buying a whole new ticket for the extension.

We landed at Narita Airport at around 5:30 PM Japan time and by the time the shuttle bus took us to the hotel at Odaiba, it was about 7PM! Hardly any time to explore Tokyo or walk around to shop, so we went to a shopping mall nearby and got dinner. I tried one of the ramens they have there but it was too salty! That was my first bad encounter in Japan because after hearing all the good stories (food, shopping, etc) about Japan, I really had high expectations!

Below is the map location of our hotel and the shopping mall nearby. It was like a 5-minute walk from the hotel to the shopping mall.

View Larger Map

Along the way, you can see Tokyo's Rainbow Bridge (I think the color is from the lighting that they have on the bridge) and also Statue of Liberty (miniature of the one in New York but still quite big).

Anyway, it wasn't a great shopping center for tourists as they have mostly international brands like GAP, Adidas, etc and not much of Japanese shop. Of course they have 100 yen shop which is more commonly known as Daiso in Singapore. But with Daiso is just a few minutes walk from my house in Singapore, I didn't feel so inclined to buy stuff from there.

The next day is full day of sales conference which was to be followed by a party afterwards. We are not so into partying (booze, dance, etc in the dark), we opted to go to Shibuya to get some shopping done. We found out from our Japanese colleague that the nearest train station from our hotel is Odaiba station, after which we need to take the train to Shimbashi station and then change to JR line to go to Shibuya. Buying the train ticket from Odaiba - Shimbashi is easy because the station name was written in English and it has the price written clearly on the board.

But once we reached Shimbashi station, we found it really challenging to find the JR line station. After we found it, it was quite impossible for us to find out the correct fare to pay as the whole board was full of Japanese characters and they have soooooooo many lines!

Imagine this...

but in Japanese characters! We don't even know where we are on the map and where we are going!

Luckily, the Japanese people are very helpful (that is if you manage to stop one while they are walking at their super fast speed) and a girl helped us to find our station and the correct fare that we have to pay. We just have to really listen to the announcement on the train so that we don't miss our station at Shibuya.

We were so excited when we reached Shibuya. Finally we see the famous junction where zillions of people are crossing! But the bad thing was that we could only find restaurants and not much shopping, that is even after we were walking for 3 hours! At the end, we decided to go back to Odaiba area (going back was much easier!) and ate at a sushi restaurant at Aqua City.

Oh, ordering food was hard as well. We kept on asking the chef "cooked?" and he kept on answering "three piece?" oh man... at the end we just point to the picture and say 1 or 2 or 3...

The next day was another day full for conference activities but we finished slightly earlier than the day before and we decided to go to Harajuku, where they said all the youngsters go shopping.

Ready to shop!!!

We found a lot of shops there and started buying clothes, accessories, etc but their price are kinda expensive. When they have real sale, the price is about 2000 yen which is about SGD 30! That's kinda like no-sale for no brand stuff in Singapore. And their nicer items are selling at about 4000 yens and above so it's about SGD 60 and that's kinda like the shopping center price and not "Bugis market" kind of price. But nevertheless, there's just too many cute stuff but luckily one thing comes to my mind "More than half of the stuff that they are selling here can't be used in Singapore, I will look kinda crazy if I dress up like Japanese in Singapore" - those things are just too fanciful! :D

Look at how crazy the street is...

If you can't picture how fancy it is, imagine a person walking around on the street looking like a doll (but alive!) - blond hair, perfectly blow dried or curled, immaculately drawn make-up and *must-haves!* fake eye-lashes, layers of florals tops and vest/scarfs, matching pants, and stylo-milo shoes. (I should have scanned one of the page in their fashion catalogue!)

Next we went to eat at this Japanese pizza place - it was ooishi! Not too fattening but we were satisfied! After that we continued shopping and we went to Kiddy Land as well. They have 4 or 5 storeys of cute stuff! I wanted to buy everything but then again almost everything is useless... hahaha.. so at the end I only bought a stuffed toy for Michelle (which she now hates.. talk about it in a different post) and I didn't get to buy a pink Elmo because the shop was closing! And they also don't sell that at the airport! :(

On the way we saw some shops mannequin, check out the eyes....

By the time we reached our hotel, we were so tired but we still gotta pack because the next day would be a super early one for us.

I had to wake up at 4:30 AM to shower the next day, breakfast at 6, checkout and get to the shuttle bus at 7. I think we reached the airport around 8 and finished checking-in at around 9. Our flight was at 11:30 AM so we got plenty of time to shop in the airport and we bought mostly food stuff and sake :)

And lastly, instruction on how to use a Japanese toilet... :p

Overall, I think it was a super productive 4 days 3 nights trip :)

PS: Will post photos next time, when I find the time to upload them...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Michelle's 6 months vaccination

I had to go back to my gynae today to make sure that my IUCD is in a good position, so I arranged Michelle's vaccination to be on the same day as well. It's convenient and also because I won't be in Singapore during her scheduled vaccination date since I'll be going to Japan for business trip.

So after they measured her and checked her development, it was time to give her the jab. Her PD was so quick in giving her the jab. It was like rub the alcoholic swab, jab, and put plaster in less than 3 seconds! I was quite impressed with her skill. But I was even more impressed that Michelle didn't even cry or even make any weird/painful face this time! I thought maybe it was delayed reaction but she didn't cry at all! WEIRD BABY!

My mom accompanied me today instead of my hubby (coz my hubby is dying and he needed to go and see sinseh) and my mom told me that my youngest sis also didn't cry when she was given vaccination as a baby. Maybe this high pain threshold thinge runs in my family (too bad I don't inherit it tho..)

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Recent Conversation

Sister: You're at home? Let's go out!
Me: Where to?
Sister: I don't know.
Me: Oh.. Ok, let's go!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Michelle Can Stand!

I wanted to just write this as Facebook status message but I think this story deserves at least a blog post.

I was in the kitchen and Michelle was sleeping in the baby room on an adult bed, that's currently being occupied by my mom. She usually sleeps there instead of in her playpen for afternoon nap because the playpen is outside in the living room where there's no aircon installed.

So while I was separating the Enoki mushroom to cook in soup, I suddenly heard Michelle crying. Not the usual cry, but the super sad kind of cry, so I quickly washed my hand and rushed to see her.

But when I got to the room, she wasn't on the bed! *heart drop to stomach!* The room light was off so I couldn't really see her and after I turned on the light, I saw one little head poking at the corner of the bed head!! *heart dropped to floor!!*

This little baby..... I think she wiggled a lot and she even kicked the heavy pillow that we used to surround her!! Lucky she can only crawl backwards now, I think that's how she managed to land her feet on the floor first. But when we found her, she was clinging on to the bedsheet and was standing and crying. I bet she must got a shock as well..... Photo at the side is from re-enactment of the incident.

Oh well... time to do more baby-proofing! And if only we can rewind that time, we are actually quite curious how she did it!

Side note: I don't feel like maintaining separate blog for Michelle's update anymore... heheh talk about being fickle minded :p

Tulip Update

I should have posted this 1 or 2 weeks ago..

Tulips are dead! hahahaha... I think the weather is just too hot for these tulips even with the freezing air-conditioning in the office! The one with the flower just withered and died, whereas the rest of the bulbs just stopped growing and became dry.

Oh well, maybe we should just stick to cactus!

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