Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Johor Trip on Sunday

We went to Johor last Sunday to buy more groceries like baby milk powder and other food, and also since my brother's visa will expire on 8 July but his ticket to go back to Jakarta is booked for 10 July. The last time we went to Malaysia, the custom officer at M'sia side actually asked us for "angpao" because we didn't bring a ticket to leave Singapore. What business is it to them?!

So this time round we make sure that they can't find fault with us. The first thing the officer asked (for my mom): "Where is the pass card?". My mom had earlier took it out from her passport because she was worried that it might drop out from the passport and anyway it's a Singapore IC, why does M'sia side need to see it?

Then the next question he asked (about my brother): "When is he going back? Do you bring the ticket?" Lucky we printed the e-ticket and brought it with us! Otherwise, we might have to give him 20 ringgit angpao!

He seemed a little bit disgruntled when we left his booth, but whatever..... :p

We went to both Tesco and Jusco at Bukit Indah area. I think those 2 are the better malls around that area. Tesco is not as nice but they have bigger supermarket so we go there first to do our "supermarketing". After that we went to Jusco for the real shopping! I bought 1 pair of shoes (and got a VIP card hahaha) from one of the shops there. Actually I tried on that pair of shoes a few times before, like every time we go to that mall :p

I like the Japanese restaurant that we went to. It's called Kinsahi (I think...). We ordered a lot of stuff and were sooooo full but the bill came up not so expensive :)

I realized that it's really hard to eat out when you bring a baby, unless the baby is always sleeping. We ended up taking turn to eat because she didn't want to sit in the baby chair and wants us to carry her. But whenever we carry her, her hands will try to grab either the plates, the bowls, cups, etc...

Well, someday I'll look back and miss this time :)

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