Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Michelle Can Stand!

I wanted to just write this as Facebook status message but I think this story deserves at least a blog post.

I was in the kitchen and Michelle was sleeping in the baby room on an adult bed, that's currently being occupied by my mom. She usually sleeps there instead of in her playpen for afternoon nap because the playpen is outside in the living room where there's no aircon installed.

So while I was separating the Enoki mushroom to cook in soup, I suddenly heard Michelle crying. Not the usual cry, but the super sad kind of cry, so I quickly washed my hand and rushed to see her.

But when I got to the room, she wasn't on the bed! *heart drop to stomach!* The room light was off so I couldn't really see her and after I turned on the light, I saw one little head poking at the corner of the bed head!! *heart dropped to floor!!*

This little baby..... I think she wiggled a lot and she even kicked the heavy pillow that we used to surround her!! Lucky she can only crawl backwards now, I think that's how she managed to land her feet on the floor first. But when we found her, she was clinging on to the bedsheet and was standing and crying. I bet she must got a shock as well..... Photo at the side is from re-enactment of the incident.

Oh well... time to do more baby-proofing! And if only we can rewind that time, we are actually quite curious how she did it!

Side note: I don't feel like maintaining separate blog for Michelle's update anymore... heheh talk about being fickle minded :p

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