Sunday, June 20, 2010

Michelle meeting ama and agong

My in-laws are back in town since about 2 weeks ago but I was away on business trip for a week and then busy preparing for a test for another weekend, so yesterday was the only day that I'm finally free to meet them for dinner.

Michelle hasn't seen them for about 3-4 months so I'm pretty sure she has totally forgotten about them. True enough, when we just reached there, my MIL was just too eager to carry her and Michelle was scared so she cried! I don't really like it when people do that, but I also can't say anything to her... *sigh*

Since she was crying, I took her back and then they tried to play and talk to her (in Chinese) so I told them (on Michelle's behalf) that she doesn't understand Chinese and only understand English. (Maybe they believe?)

Next moment, my MIL was talking to Michelle in English... she said "Do you remember me?" WAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAH... She actually bought it!

After some warming-up, she finally got back to her usual bubbly self.. bouncing, grabbing stuff and putting them into her mouth, pulling people's hair, etc.

The next time we'll see them is probably in 3 months time and perhaps we'll go through the same ritual again.

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