Saturday, June 5, 2010

Michelle's 6 months vaccination

I had to go back to my gynae today to make sure that my IUCD is in a good position, so I arranged Michelle's vaccination to be on the same day as well. It's convenient and also because I won't be in Singapore during her scheduled vaccination date since I'll be going to Japan for business trip.

So after they measured her and checked her development, it was time to give her the jab. Her PD was so quick in giving her the jab. It was like rub the alcoholic swab, jab, and put plaster in less than 3 seconds! I was quite impressed with her skill. But I was even more impressed that Michelle didn't even cry or even make any weird/painful face this time! I thought maybe it was delayed reaction but she didn't cry at all! WEIRD BABY!

My mom accompanied me today instead of my hubby (coz my hubby is dying and he needed to go and see sinseh) and my mom told me that my youngest sis also didn't cry when she was given vaccination as a baby. Maybe this high pain threshold thinge runs in my family (too bad I don't inherit it tho..)

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