Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Michelle's Progress Update

Little Michelle now likes to hug her mommy and hug her so tight (pulled by the hair!) and give her wet sloppy kisses. It was kinda gross but so sweet and cute when she does that. I just couldn't get enough of her and sometimes my hubby said that I'm a little bit biased.. hahaha.. I don't care! :D

She also managed to pull herself up to a standing position from sitting down position. Kinda early for her age, but maybe firstborn babies are faster because they have all the good ingredients? :D

She started showing signs that she wants to crawl, like lift up buttock, but she hasn't quite managed to crawl yet. And on those times that she "crawled" a little bit, she ended up crawling backwards :D

We also tried a few types of solid food. So far, we have tried baby rice cereal, brown rice cereal, baby biscuits, carrot, sweet potato, and avocado. That's the list of "official" food that she has eaten. The list of "unofficial" ones are durian, a little bit of broccoli, chawanmushi, edamame skin, toys, people, etc... Well, sometimes we just need to give her something to munch on so that we get to eat something!

And she hates the soft toy that I bought for her from Japan! At first she was fine with it, but my mom started to play with the toy. She put Michelle down on the floor and pretended to "sayang" the bear. Maybe Michelle is a little bit jealous now and she refused to play with the bear anymore... such a waste of money!!!

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