Friday, June 25, 2010

Where did the time go?

Time flies really fast when you have a baby with you. This is true in a lot of sense. The first "sense" is every day when I come back from work, I will reach home before 7PM. But after finishing my dinner, playing with Michelle and putting her to sleep, suddenly it's 11PM or even later. There was once that I didn't even do much things and when I checked the time, it was already 2 AM!

Another reason why I said that time flies really fast is because without even realizing it, Michelle is now 6.5 months! She has accomplished so many things in the first half a year of her life. Firstly, she learnt everything even how to control her eye, head, hand, legs movements. And then she has learnt who are the important people in her life, e.g. MOMMY! *hehehehe*, daddy, grandma, auntie, uncle, etc.

I used to think that babies who cry when strangers carry them are timid but it turned out (according to the book) that they are clever if they cry, because it means that they know who are strangers and who are their families and friend. :p

A few days ago she managed to sit down from a crawling position. I wasn't there to witness it but I saw it today :)

And then today she actually managed to crawl a few steps! I am so proud of her because it seems like she has been reading the book "What to expect the first year" - whenever the books says she'll do it this month, she actually did it!

Oh s**t, it's almost 12 midnight! Gotta go now... watch Korean dramas! :)

PS: I've become the typical new mother too... will elaborate further in another post....

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