Monday, July 5, 2010

Baby Chicken & Carrot Porridge Recipe

Michelle's PD told me that she's too skinny and that I should feed her more. But man, the baby drinks a lot of milk and I don't know where all calories went! I suspect because she bounced too much. The PD advised me to start giving her rice and meat, and I think chicken is the good choice to start. However, when I was going to cook it yesterday, I was just so confused and didn't know where to start. Lucky mom is here to rescue me!

So here's just sharing the recipe.

1 cup of rice
chicken breast (up to you quantity)
1 pc carrot

  1. Steam or pressure cook both the rice and chicken with 1 liter of water until cooked. I used pressure cooker so it took about 15 minutes only. The result is like normal steamed rice but more of the softer side. I guess you could also use rice cooker to achieve the same thing, just add a little bit more water.

  2. Cut the carrot into small pieces and steam the carrot, or you can also boil it. Steaming retains more nutritional value compared to boiling. You can also steam the carrot together with the rice but I chose to do mine separately because I want to make a larger portion of the rice and chicken, but want to add freshly steamed carrot.

  3. Once you have all the ingredients steamed (or boiled), use a blender to make the porridge. Blend until you get the texture that you want.

I bet it will be yummier if we add salt into the porridge but apparently babies are not supposed to eat salt (or sugar) - so the book says.

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