Monday, August 16, 2010

Jakarta Trip July/August 2010

I had to go on business trip for about 2 weeks in July so my mom took the chance to go home to Jakarta to visit my siblings as well. Since my husband cannot take leave for the whole duration that my mom will be in Jakarta, Michelle went to stay there for a month with her. So I was there to send them to Jakarta and helped to settle them down over there for a few days before flying back to Singapore to fly to San Francisco the next day.

It was the hardest thing ever to leave her there, especially since she was crying so hard and so uncontrollably. She's normally not a fussy baby and she doesn't cry much so I was really upset to see her crying like that. I think my eyes were all red and teary when I was at the immigration.

After my business trip (will blog about that in another post), I flew to Jakarta again and she was so much bigger already! I can see the change in her face too. Her first tooth was showing a little bit too! She actually looked taller but much skinnier, maybe because she's not used to the water and air there, she wasn't feeling that well the whole month when she was there. I had to bring her to our family doctor a total of 3 times for flu and diarrhea! It was quite sad to see her sick like that, but seems like her spirit was not so affected. She liked playing with my siblings. Maybe she thought they are same age/generation as her :D

My husband joined us after a few days and we managed to explore some places like Tangkuban Perahu in Bandung and some new shopping centers.

Some photos from the Indo trip...

Leon carrying Michelle

Gladys & Michelle at Bogor

Michelle & I at Bogor

Mom & Michelle at Bandar Djakarta

At Grand Indonesia

We also managed to bring Michelle to take a studio photo at Bambino Photostudio. I got the unedited soft copies with me and the magazine style ones, but I'm still waiting for the edited individual photos now! So excited about it! My friend or cousin will bring the album and CDs for me in September... can't wait!!

My hubby also bought me a new gadget... a new Nintendo DS Lite!! I think he kind of regretted it now because I've been ignoring him and playing my game whenever I have free time :D

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