Sunday, July 4, 2010

My new Canon toy

I always feel frustrated when trying to take photo of Michelle because she moved so much and the photos always turn out blurry! So being the typical new mother (or so my "friend" said), I went on the hunt for a beginner entry DSLR camera. As usual, my research always starts in Google search - "best beginner level DSLR camera", most of the search result are either Canon or Nikon. Since I've always use Canon cameras, I feel more comfortable with Canon (even after knowing that their compact cameras don't really take good photos at night), and most of them recommended 500D, but 550D is a newer model so I opt for that one.

The good thing is I don't really know how to use the camera yet but the result is already so much better!

Check out some photos that I took with the camera (without editing) - all photos are taken with the lens that come with the kit, EF S18-55IS lens and a wide angle lens.

Playing with the camera while waiting for my sis to arrive...

Play time before bed time :)

Care bear

Trying to crawl

Talk to the finger

Guess where this is!

But when Michelle moves around, the photos are still blurry, but not as bad as before :p

Well, I just need to find time to learn it!

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