Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to deal with picky eater?

I thought things will get simpler when Michelle starts eating solid food. I thought that I could just bring the bowl with grinder set and feed her anywhere and anything, like perhaps she can eat the same food as us but I just need to grind it first. But most of the food outside has salt or even MSG added into it! So it's really better to either prepare the food at home or bring a ready-made baby food.

There were a few days recently that we needed to go out really early so there's no time to prepare her meals, so we thought we can try Heinz ready-made baby food that comes in jars. We picked a few flavors that we think she will like, but she hates all of them. She made faces and even puked! I tried a few of them and well, some of them really taste weird, but even those nicer ones like vanilla custard.... oh, well....

But next month my cousin is coming and we are thinking of going to Malaysia, how can I bring my whole kitchen?! At least I need to bring my Phillips steam & blend machine if we are going to prepare food for her over there and that is already quite huge!

I wonder how other mothers do this.... my mom said they probably don't bring such young babies on holidays, but I'm sure some of them do!

Anyway, we bought a few more ready made baby food and some of the powder kind where you just need to add hot water, and hopefully she'll respond well to some of these! *cross fingers*

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