Tuesday, August 17, 2010

USA Trip July 2010

Our team finally met up as a global team and I finally got to see everyone face-to-face. Well, not everyone because some of them couldn't come but I met most of my teammates during the offsite.

I shall not talk to much about work and bore everyone, so here are some photos from when I was in SF and some from Disneyland. My camera died on my first day in Disneyland so there wasn't much picture. And I was too busy playing on the 2nd day so there wasn't much pictures either :p

This is at a pier opposite the SF office

Beach party at Google HQ

Huge sand sculpture

At Disneyland

Met up with Mindy too, Connor is so big now and baby Chloe is so adorable!

The other reasons why there isn't so many photos is because I was too busy shopping and it was kinda hard to take photos when my hands are full with the shopping bags! The baby stuff over there is really wayyyy cheaper than the ones in Singapore so it's really worth to buy more stuff from there and just keeping it until Michelle is big enough to wear them.

Oh well, where will next year offsite be? :D

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