Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shopping for clothes online

I ordered 6 items from a website a week ago and I thought I ordered a lot of "good" stuff but last night the orders arrived and most of the items look different than the photos on the website. The colors are not as bright and the materials are quite lousy! Maybe I should never buy clothes online anymore!! :(

I think last time when I ordered some maternity clothes online, the same thing also happened... but I totally forgot about that until now!

PS: Not telling what the website is since they are so lousy!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Michelle's Bambino Photobook is here!

My cousin helped to bring over Michelle's photo album *last month, ahem..* and it's so pretty and professionally done!!

It come with a sturdy album box and the frame is quite thick!

The bear picture is actually the CD of all the photos, I haven't checked them out until now... :p

And check out the works of the album... zoom zoom...

My friend gave me bonus an 8R size framed photo too.

Overall, I think it was money well spent :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baby Swimming Time

We brought Michelle to try swimming with a neck ring at Plaza Singapura. Actually we (or I) wanted to bring her there long time ago but since we always go out at night, the place is always close by the time we get there. So today we were *slightly* earlier and reached there about 8PM.

The whole thing cost $30 excluding swimming diaper that cost $1.50 per piece. So we changed her into that swimming diaper thinge and then the person helped her to warm-up *HAHAHA*

First try, she used the neck ring and she could actually reach the bottom of the pool so she was standing instead of floating around / swimming in the pool so the lady suggested to change to a different type of float that comes with a seat, which makes her legs unable to touch the bottom of the pool. I thought that would be more fun for her, but actually it scared her! Since her legs couldn't touch the bottom, they were just curled stiffly and she was screaming her lungs out! I think people who were watching from outside the glass could hear her as well.

So I told the lady that I don't want her to continue already then she went on to say that in the morning there was also a baby who kept on crying but his mom let him continue. Then after 5 minutes, the baby seemed to enjoy it. But I just couldn't let her scream for 5 minutes! Crazy or what?!

Perhaps next time we'll try real swimming in real swimming pool so that we can go in to the pool together with her. Maybe that way, she won't be so terrified :)

So neck ring OUT!

PS: Because she was screaming so badly, I didn't even have a chance to take a single photo! And they gave us discount, so we only need to pay $17.

Rachel's Wedding 18 Sept 2010

We just attended my dear friends Rachel & J-Sen's wedding recently. The wedding was at Noble House at Esplanade Mall and the deco was really different from your usual wedding-at-hotel-or-restaurant setup. It was really intimate and cosy and the ambience was really good. The food was the best though, everything from the starter till the dish before desert was top notch. I didn't really like the desert though, they were serving glutinous rice ball but it was already cold and harden in the inside, but everything else were great! There were abalone and lobsters! :D

The part that I like the most is the part where they thanked their parents for bringing them up. I think that part was so touching :D

They also took polaroid photos to give to us on the spot.. below are mine :)

And I can't wait for her little one to come out! :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thing I Would Like To Do Before I'm 30

Here's the list not in order of priority:
  • Go to Korea.. hehe as always..
  • Go to a concert (by a real singer, like Jay Zhou), SingFest or circus such as Cirque de Soleil is not counted! I can't believe in my 29 years of existence, I haven't been to any concert before!
  • Build up the courage to have a 2nd baby so that I can have another one AFTER Michelle is 2 years old.. just saying... no promise... sounds hard.. maybe I should rethink this..
  • Go back to "wedding weight" - how come this goal seems to contradict with the previous goal?
  • Get baptized... or work hard towards it!
  • Get promoted... I wonder if my boss is reading my blog or not..
  • Learn a new language - not French, too hard! Any idea? Maybe I should learn Malay :D

How come the list become so long? I think I shall stop for now.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Me Time

Recent thoughts have been amplified by recent conversation (via blog comments) by Siyong about "me time" after baby. I always thought that my me time is in the bathroom, the daily half an hour I get in the morning while preparing to go to work because that's like truly the only luxurious half an hour that I can get without any interruption from other people. The next half an hour putting on make-up is not considered as me time as I often have to put make-up and watch Michelle at the same time, that's why she's into make-up at 10 months old! They say babies copy the adults a lot.

While it's true that the baby won't be able to stay up as late as adults, like for example Michelle sleeps on average about 9 or 10 PM, but is the time after that really my personal time? I do have husbands to accompany and talk to, perhaps that's husband time? And there are also friends to go out with. And also since my mom is here helping to take care of Michelle, and she doesn't have much friends in Singapore, I understand that she'll feel bored just staying at home so I need to bring her out too.

I wonder if I will ever have me time, maybe in a few years time? Like probably when she's teenager and doesn't want to hang out with me anymore :D

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Upper Peirce Reservoir

We wanted to go to the zoo on Sunday but as usual we are always late. We only reach the zoo at about 4 and it closes at 6 or 6.30PM so we decided to go there another day. So we went to Upper Peirce Reservoir instead. It's kinda hard to imagine that somewhere within this city, there's a huge green area and the scenery is so beautiful! There were some monkeys on the road leading to the reservoir... and they like to jump on the cars!

Some photos from that outing can be found in picasa web album here..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cousin's Trip to Singapore 7 - 15 Sept 2010

My cousin came to Singapore for Hari Raya holiday and we also went to Malaysia (KL, Genting and Malacca) during their short one week stint here. It was a whole week full of shopping!!

Some of the photos mostly from Malaysia trip..

At Hotel Picolo's lobby, waiting for check-in after super long drive from Singapore..

Michelle & James sitting together at hotel lobby..

At Genting.. I think it was quite near the Mid Autumn festival as well, that's why there were lots of lanterns everywhere!

Michelle's 2nd time on a merry-go-round in Genting :)

Michelle & I in a mini indoor ferris wheel :)

This thing that we are in (below) actually floats around almost the whole shopping center. I wanted to ride the one that looks like a ship but got the one that looks like a whale instead!

Mini Viking ship... not scary :(

Can you see where my sis & I are?

Making foot wax statue(?) for Michelle.. The result is pretty good, but I haven't taken any photo of it.. lazy!

Indonesian vainpots shopping in KL.. :D

Malaysia is pretty awesome for shopping. We discovered that Shu Uemura is a lot cheaper there compared to SG and my sis and I even got VIP memberships there because we shopped too much! We must visit M'sia more often in the future! We bought so much stuff, but luckily everything still can fit into the car :D

Anyway, back to Singapore... we had dinner with my sis' in-laws family as well at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant at Clarke Quay. Time for group photo...

My cousin, husband, and son at Universal studio Singapore.. looks like one of those celeb family snapped by paparazzi huh?

My sister and I.. we are waiting for this thing behind us to be fixed!

No money to pay for entrance.. must work first...

Hehehe.. I managed to make it a long blog post without having to type much because there are so many photos! :D

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