Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baby Swimming Time

We brought Michelle to try swimming with a neck ring at Plaza Singapura. Actually we (or I) wanted to bring her there long time ago but since we always go out at night, the place is always close by the time we get there. So today we were *slightly* earlier and reached there about 8PM.

The whole thing cost $30 excluding swimming diaper that cost $1.50 per piece. So we changed her into that swimming diaper thinge and then the person helped her to warm-up *HAHAHA*

First try, she used the neck ring and she could actually reach the bottom of the pool so she was standing instead of floating around / swimming in the pool so the lady suggested to change to a different type of float that comes with a seat, which makes her legs unable to touch the bottom of the pool. I thought that would be more fun for her, but actually it scared her! Since her legs couldn't touch the bottom, they were just curled stiffly and she was screaming her lungs out! I think people who were watching from outside the glass could hear her as well.

So I told the lady that I don't want her to continue already then she went on to say that in the morning there was also a baby who kept on crying but his mom let him continue. Then after 5 minutes, the baby seemed to enjoy it. But I just couldn't let her scream for 5 minutes! Crazy or what?!

Perhaps next time we'll try real swimming in real swimming pool so that we can go in to the pool together with her. Maybe that way, she won't be so terrified :)

So neck ring OUT!

PS: Because she was screaming so badly, I didn't even have a chance to take a single photo! And they gave us discount, so we only need to pay $17.

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