Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cousin's Trip to Singapore 7 - 15 Sept 2010

My cousin came to Singapore for Hari Raya holiday and we also went to Malaysia (KL, Genting and Malacca) during their short one week stint here. It was a whole week full of shopping!!

Some of the photos mostly from Malaysia trip..

At Hotel Picolo's lobby, waiting for check-in after super long drive from Singapore..

Michelle & James sitting together at hotel lobby..

At Genting.. I think it was quite near the Mid Autumn festival as well, that's why there were lots of lanterns everywhere!

Michelle's 2nd time on a merry-go-round in Genting :)

Michelle & I in a mini indoor ferris wheel :)

This thing that we are in (below) actually floats around almost the whole shopping center. I wanted to ride the one that looks like a ship but got the one that looks like a whale instead!

Mini Viking ship... not scary :(

Can you see where my sis & I are?

Making foot wax statue(?) for Michelle.. The result is pretty good, but I haven't taken any photo of it.. lazy!

Indonesian vainpots shopping in KL.. :D

Malaysia is pretty awesome for shopping. We discovered that Shu Uemura is a lot cheaper there compared to SG and my sis and I even got VIP memberships there because we shopped too much! We must visit M'sia more often in the future! We bought so much stuff, but luckily everything still can fit into the car :D

Anyway, back to Singapore... we had dinner with my sis' in-laws family as well at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant at Clarke Quay. Time for group photo...

My cousin, husband, and son at Universal studio Singapore.. looks like one of those celeb family snapped by paparazzi huh?

My sister and I.. we are waiting for this thing behind us to be fixed!

No money to pay for entrance.. must work first...

Hehehe.. I managed to make it a long blog post without having to type much because there are so many photos! :D

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