Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rachel's Wedding 18 Sept 2010

We just attended my dear friends Rachel & J-Sen's wedding recently. The wedding was at Noble House at Esplanade Mall and the deco was really different from your usual wedding-at-hotel-or-restaurant setup. It was really intimate and cosy and the ambience was really good. The food was the best though, everything from the starter till the dish before desert was top notch. I didn't really like the desert though, they were serving glutinous rice ball but it was already cold and harden in the inside, but everything else were great! There were abalone and lobsters! :D

The part that I like the most is the part where they thanked their parents for bringing them up. I think that part was so touching :D

They also took polaroid photos to give to us on the spot.. below are mine :)

And I can't wait for her little one to come out! :)

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