Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thing I Would Like To Do Before I'm 30

Here's the list not in order of priority:
  • Go to Korea.. hehe as always..
  • Go to a concert (by a real singer, like Jay Zhou), SingFest or circus such as Cirque de Soleil is not counted! I can't believe in my 29 years of existence, I haven't been to any concert before!
  • Build up the courage to have a 2nd baby so that I can have another one AFTER Michelle is 2 years old.. just saying... no promise... sounds hard.. maybe I should rethink this..
  • Go back to "wedding weight" - how come this goal seems to contradict with the previous goal?
  • Get baptized... or work hard towards it!
  • Get promoted... I wonder if my boss is reading my blog or not..
  • Learn a new language - not French, too hard! Any idea? Maybe I should learn Malay :D

How come the list become so long? I think I shall stop for now.

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