Sunday, November 21, 2010

Growing Pains

I never thought that the process of growing teeth is so hard for babies. Of course I've heard about some babies getting fever when they are teething but I never think much of it, and I never expect it to happen to Michelle because these kind of things usually only happen to other people haha :D

But recently, Michelle has some sort of runny nose, coughing, and a little bit of fever (like 37+ degree), and I thought she caught flu or something so we brought her to a family clinic near our house because the usual doctor closed already. The doctor there told us that this is actually because she's teething. When baby is teething, it actually stimulates the production of saliva and sometimes it can go back to baby's throat and irritate them, hence the coughing. It's so hard to see her suffer like this, she can't even sleep comfortably now!

Sometimes she sleeps soundly but next moment she's coughing so hard! I had to quickly sit her up and pat her back because I'm worried that if I leave her in a lying down position, she might choke on her saliva. I don't know if that's possible but it seems so whenever she's coughing...

I hope all her teeth will come out soon so that she can outgrows this process quickly!

Anyway, here's a photo of her getting her first-haircut-at-baby-salon. She got her haircut at home twice before by my mom (both time when I wasn't around!) so this time round I made sure that I watched the whole process. It wasn't really a great one because she was not familiar with the auntie and so she kept on screaming. We went home with the back of her hair so straight it looked so weird! At the end, we went to buy hair scissors and I fixed a little bit of the hair (still look weird though..)

And some more photos below of her when she came to my office for "Bring your kids to work day". She was quite shy at first but felt at home soon afterwards, roaming around the office and even playing with my colleagues and their stuff. She even helped me to pick up calls :D

During that day, they had a few events for kids like face painting, quiz, tote coloring competition, but the one that I found the most amazing is the balloon twisting auntie. She made so many things using balloons, such as princess/ballerina (looks the same to me), octopus, crocodile, bazooka, sword, rings, bouquet of flowers! That's the princess on the floor. :p

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