Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trip to the zoo

Ever since my ex boss told me that his daughter drew a KFC chicken thigh when her teacher asked her to draw a chicken, I told myself that I would not let that happen to my child, so my hubby and I had wanted to bring Michelle to the zoo for quite some time now. On Saturday, we woke up quite early (for our standard) and realized that there might actually be enough time to go to the zoo. Well, we made it there around 3PM and zoo closes at 6PM so 3 hours should be enough.

It was drizzly and the rain was just stopping so a lot of the animals were still hiding when we reached there. But we managed to see some of them like giraffe (I think giraffe is one of the most unique animals), zebra (not unique because you can see them everywhere in Singapore crossing area), hippo, rhinoceros (my hubby thought I was making up the "ceros" part), monkeys and similar kinds, penguins, horse, dogs, lions, tigers, etc.

To be frank, I don't really enjoy going there. It was hot, humid, and SMELLY! But I think Michelle was quite fascinated by the other zoo-goers, not the zoo inhabitants though. I think for some of the animals, she doesn't even realize that they are animals, maybe to her they are like.. hmm... something else? :D

We should probably bring her back to the zoo again when.... her teacher ask her to draw some animals?

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