Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trip to KL January 2010

My mom went back to Jakarta from 11-25 Jan so we thought instead of taking leave and just staying at home to take care of Michelle, we should go for another holiday. Since we are on a tight budget, we didn't want to take airplane and of course the most obvious destination is either Johor or KL. I don't really want to spend 4 days just to stay in Johor so we opt for KL instead. Shopping here I come!!!!

We left home quite late because we are waiting on news whether my brother is going to get his new job (too long story to tell lah..) so anyway I think we left home about 5:30 or maybe that's the time we reach Singapore custom (can't remember lah!) and we reached KL at about 11 PM.. hahaha.. latest ever loh!

The next day, we went to a mall near our hotel for brunch... the food looks good but somehow I think they lack of taste, like the sukiyaki not sweet enough, the chawanmushi is too plain, etc.

Pictures are deceiving.. hahaha.. I think the mall name is Fahrenheit (if I'm not wrong) and one of the floor in that mall sells accessories (lots and lots of them) and I nearly went crazy buying all sorts of hair accessories and things to hang on bags!

At night, we also goes for supper. Or rather supper comes to us because my hubby is the one who walks to Jalan Alor to get the famous BBQ chicken wings! Those wings are super yummy loh, I think I probably ate about 10 of them throughout my whole stay in KL... yucks chicken hormone overloaded!

First day is dedicated to shopping, so after lunch at Fahrenheit, we.. ahem.. I, must go to Pavilion. My main mission is to buy some skincare and make up stuff from Shu Uemura because their price is about 15% cheaper compared to Singapore! So I always get them from either Johor or KL... save money lah... but the Shu Uemura counter at Pavilion was so crowded. I'm not sure if that was a special day in Malaysia but there were a lot of people getting makeover done there. So I told my hubby perhaps I would get my make-up stuff from the KLCC outlet instead.

Some photos at Pavilion... my hubby looks so guniang in the flowery picture LOL!

Since the trip is a little bit longer, we also got to try the facility in the hotel, mainly the swimming pool. It was super duper cold but my hubby wanted to try it and we also brought Michelle's swimming stuff but I think they swam for less than 10 minutes hahaha icy cold water lah! It is indoor swimming pool, and they should have warm up the water or something...

Michelle also got special treat during the trip.. chocolate!!! I didn't have fun washing the bibs afterwards! But I feel so smart that I made her wear the bibs, otherwise I would be washing her top and overall!

We also had a chance to drive up to Colmar Tropical. My hubby wanted to drive to Cameroon Highlands (which is another 2 hour drive from KL) which I think is a nightmare because Michelle wont sit still in the car and I will have to entertain her for 2 straight hours! Anyway, Colmar Tropical is really nice if you're into very relaxing kind of holiday and not the shopping or city-sightseeing kind. It looks like those kind of place which has everything and so you just need to stay inside there the whole time. It has a kid playing place like Timezone but they only have kiddy rides.

We also went to Malacca just to go to Jonker Walk.. never take photos though coz too busy shopping. My slipper bottom layer came off when we were walking there so I bought a pink Facebook slippers :D

Anyway, shopping is so fun! I wanna go again!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Year Cruise

Happy Belated New Year!

Ok lah, so I'm very slow in blogging nowadays. This is because not only I have a baby, the baby is now a toddler which requires more of my time "supervising" her to make sure she doesn't injure herself.

My in-laws were in town during the new year period and my hubby got this "lobang" for New Year cruise because someone canceled their bookings at the last minute so he got 2 balcony rooms in the cruise with special rates! I was quite worried that I might forget to pack something because we won't be able to run to the supermarket to get it.. cannot take the rescue boat and go to NTUC mah! But everything turned out fine. We all get to enjoy the holiday and best of all, Michelle went to try the jacuzzi! :D

Here are some photos from the vacation.

The first night (New Year's Eve) and we are at their cafe (drinking hot chocolate... yumzz!!)

Next day, exploring the ship... they have this huge slide. I didn't try it.. scared! I guess old age come with sensibility.. haha! They also have a helipad but no helicopter tried to land there lah..

The interior of the ship is quite nicely done too, all the deco are just so classic! And also because it was near the Christmas holiday, there were a lot of Christmas decoration inside there.. that explains the bling blings...

At breakfast with my in-laws.. I think they kinda like this trip because they get to spend time with Michelle. And that little girl, she's not even teenager yet but she already likes talking on the phone!

The last few hours before our ship going to "land" in Singapore. We were just admiring the views and I'm just taking more and more photos of Michelle (as usual..)

Overall, the cruise was really fun but I think it could be better if we had gone somewhere instead of just to international water. The money is well spent though. We checked the usual rates afterwards and realized that we got a really good deal on this one considering we got the higher class room and also it's New Year (peak period).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I ♥ Shutterfly

We ordered Michelle's first year Shutterfly book like a month ago and one of the books were meant to be for my in-laws, who were supposed to go back to Taiwan on Jan 24th. The books were supposed to reach us by 14 Jan but we haven't received it until very late and we were wondering if they will reach us before my in-laws go back to Taiwan.

So I emailed their customer service and told them that the order might be missing. Their customer service person responded very quickly and told me to reconfirm my shipping address and order number. The next day, the order arrived! Of course, these are the original order and not the ones they quickly send again after I send an email. However, the corners of the books are kinda squashed and one of the album has ink stains on it so I emailed them again and said that now the orders are here but some of them are in less than perfect condition.

The person replied again and asked me whether the defects are in 3 albums or just 1 or 2 of them. I told them that all 3 of them have squashed corners but only 1 is stained. They responded swiftly by putting a reorder at no cost! I must say that I'm really glad that they do that! It's not like as if the original 3 albums are very damaged, we can still see the pictures inside but we totally appreciate the fact that they care about how much we treasure those books. And yeah, the books are so pretty :)

I think I'm going to continue making future photo books with them :)

For those of you who don't know what Shutterfly is, go visit their website at or follow them on Twitter at @shutterfly

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