Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Year Cruise

Happy Belated New Year!

Ok lah, so I'm very slow in blogging nowadays. This is because not only I have a baby, the baby is now a toddler which requires more of my time "supervising" her to make sure she doesn't injure herself.

My in-laws were in town during the new year period and my hubby got this "lobang" for New Year cruise because someone canceled their bookings at the last minute so he got 2 balcony rooms in the cruise with special rates! I was quite worried that I might forget to pack something because we won't be able to run to the supermarket to get it.. cannot take the rescue boat and go to NTUC mah! But everything turned out fine. We all get to enjoy the holiday and best of all, Michelle went to try the jacuzzi! :D

Here are some photos from the vacation.

The first night (New Year's Eve) and we are at their cafe (drinking hot chocolate... yumzz!!)

Next day, exploring the ship... they have this huge slide. I didn't try it.. scared! I guess old age come with sensibility.. haha! They also have a helipad but no helicopter tried to land there lah..

The interior of the ship is quite nicely done too, all the deco are just so classic! And also because it was near the Christmas holiday, there were a lot of Christmas decoration inside there.. that explains the bling blings...

At breakfast with my in-laws.. I think they kinda like this trip because they get to spend time with Michelle. And that little girl, she's not even teenager yet but she already likes talking on the phone!

The last few hours before our ship going to "land" in Singapore. We were just admiring the views and I'm just taking more and more photos of Michelle (as usual..)

Overall, the cruise was really fun but I think it could be better if we had gone somewhere instead of just to international water. The money is well spent though. We checked the usual rates afterwards and realized that we got a really good deal on this one considering we got the higher class room and also it's New Year (peak period).

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