Friday, February 11, 2011

Oh man I'm 2 years outdated!

When I was a teenagers, my friends were into boy bands like Boyzone and Backstreet Boys but I didn't really like them. I like their songs but not them. I don't find them cute or whatever, maybe I was too mature for my age at that time? haha :p

Anyway, I like Celine Dion at that time because I thought her voice is so nice. Particularly, I used to like the song "To Love You More" a lot. Maybe because I was secretly liking a boy or what lah, I cannot remember already.. but I remember listening to her songs, particularly this one, a lot. I even had her album "Falling Into You" - it was already in CD, and not cassette! haha :D

Recently, I watched a movie about her. I think it's called Celine Through The Eyes of The World. It's something like Michael Jackson's "This is It" but I think less publicized coz I never heard of it before!!! ugh..

So I started searching for her new songs in YouTube and there's so many new songs!!! I also found out that she used to be performing nightly in Vegas since 2002. I think it lasted until 2008 because the contract was extended to 6 years. Which means that she was performing when I was in Vegas and I didn't watch it!!!!! Ugh... now then I think about it again, I went to watch a circus... arrgghhhh.... I should have watched her concert man! I feel so cheated to watch the circus instead of Celine Dion now.

Anyway, I think this is one of the nicest song of her new"er" album. Title is "I Drove All Night".

The female model in the video looks like Lindsay Lohan... but I'm not sure if that's her...

Ok, now going back to catching up on what I was missing.....

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