Friday, August 5, 2011

Michelle's First Week in Playgroup

Day 1
Mom's tears level: 4/5
Michelle's tears level: 0.5/5

We reached there around 9AM and there were a few other kids "checking-in" there. I think for first-days, they have teachers especially assigned to the kid to make sure the kids can settle in well. So Michelle's teacher helped to take off her shoes, put them in her designated pigeon hole, and then started to bring her in. Michelle didn't even say bye to me! She was so curious looking at all the stuff inside there, and she didn't even realize that we were gone. I asked the teacher what time is good to pick her up, she suggested around 12PM. When we went down to carpark, tears started rolling and I was contemplating bringing her back (that's like about 2 minutes after I dropped her). And going to the office with red eyes... not so cool... and quite unglam too!!

So 12PM come.... When I reached there, she didn't want to leave as she was playing Thomas the Train with her new friend.... bleh.... she even cried when I carried her because she still wanted to play slide.... OMG....

Survived first day of daycare - yay!

Day 2
Mom's tears level: 4/5
Michelle's tears level: 4/5

We reached the center about 9:30AM and most of the kids have already checked-in. There was this Chinese speaking teacher (who can't speak English) who greeted us and she took over Michelle from me. So while I was talking to another teacher (an English speaking one), to tell her what time I'll be picking Michelle up today, the Chinese speaking teacher was standing next to me. When I turned to look at Michelle, I saw her crying silently and was trying to reach to me so I quickly hold her again. I think I heard the Chinese teacher saying to the other teacher "She shouldn't take her back as this will make her even harder to adjust" something like that lah... wah lao can she don't be so heartless?! If she's crying and I was just trying to comfort her, what's wrong with that? It's not that she's a crybaby or anything. I know that she was anxious because she knew that I'll be leaving her again there. Once I pointed to the slide, she was fine. So I passed Michelle back to the teacher and she was OK from then... I picked her up at 1PM and she was still playing the slide. Her form teacher said that she didn't eat much for lunch. So we went to the Google cafe and ate there afterwards :)

Day 3
Mom's tears level: 3.5/5
Michelle's tears level: 5/5

I prepped her this morning and told her "Let's be strong today and not cry at all ok!" She seemed to understand what I was talking about. I carried her down the stairs (the center entrance is at B1) and once she saw the gate, she froze and started hugging me. I told her to press the bell (something that she likes to do - press the bell, press the button for the lift, etc) and she refused and kept on pointing to the stairs asking me to bring her away from there. She started crying when I entered the center (at the waiting area), and when I tried to take off her shoes, she cried even louder (this is tough!!!!). So I sat down with her on the chair and told her that it's going to be OK, point to the slide (didn't work this time) and promised to pick her up at 1PM. I was asking her teacher perhaps it's better if I play with her for a while so she can settle in then I quickly sneak out but the teacher said actually it's better to just firmly say bye and then come back again later.

I called the center around 10AM and was told that she's not crying anymore. Once the assembly starts (singing & dancing together), she was fine. I hope tomorrow will be better... :)

I picked her up at 1PM and this time round she wasn't so indifferent when she saw me. She ran towards me but still refusing to leave, she was just happy to let me wait for her playing the slide.

Day 4
Mom's tears level: 0/5
Michelle's tears level: 0/5

We skipped playgroup today!! Yay! :p

I was feeling so exhausted in the morning. I woke up but just couldn't do anything and I can feel my flu slowly creeping back in, so I told my boss that I'm taking sick leave and Michelle can stay at home with me :)

Day 5
Mom's tears level: 0/5
Michelle's tears level: 1/5

I got Andrew to drop Michelle off at the center while I waited in the car. Either Michelle is already getting the hang of going to "school" or she forgot about it because she didn't cry when Andrew dropped her in the beginning. She only started to cry when Andrew was waving bye bye to her, but she wasn't crying violently or trying to run back to him. Or perhaps with daddy, it's not so emotional? Heck... next time he should be the one doing the dropping-off!

I picked her up at 1PM and as usual she didn't want to leave because there's still more things to play at the center. After more coaxing, she's finally OK to leave. See you next week!

  • The week ended pretty well for Michelle who has never been taken care of by a stranger before. I think it helps that she's always around my friends, my mom's friends, etc because now she's not scared of strangers at all.
  • Perhaps there's a lot of sacrifice to be stay at home mum (career, income, etc), but having to work and also care for your own kid is really tiring. And it's also heart breaking when they are crying and trying to reach you while their teacher carried them away.
  • The last and best part of this week: It's fun to WFH half day with Michelle at home because I get to be fed snacks while working on tickets :D

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