Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My first bapron a.k.a baby apron

I happened to see someone's printout (at the shared office printer!) - It was a huge stack because that person was printing a blog post and the blog has a lot of contents like sponsors link etc on the blog and also comments on that particular post that she (I'm 99% sure it's a 'she') printed. The post is a tutorial on how to make a toddler dress. I peeked at it a little bit and because the blog's name is so catchy I actually remembered it (long enough until I reached my desk) and started to google it. This is the blog - Craftiness is Not Optional. The name is really catchy right??! :)

So I spent a lot of sleepless nights browsing from the latest post to older post - I think I manage to read the whole blog (isn't my stalking skill great?) - I just feel so inspired by this lady because she's so talented!! She knows how to sew so much stuff and she also bakes cake! That's with a toddler and baby at home. I really wonder how she manages to find the time. I'm forever going crazy trying to find time for myself nowadays even with just one toddler at home.

So one of the tutorials that she has on the blog is a baby apron. It's such an ingenious idea that I really really have to try because Michelle always refuses to wear bibs and I always have to handwash her clothes before dumping them into washing machine - so much work, no time for beauty sleep! Since Michelle is so vain, I figured that if she finds the fabric cute, she'll probably want to wear it but I'm really betting my luck on this one.

Since the bapron is not my idea, it didn't occur to me to take photos of the process until I was almost done - was pinning the binding to the bapron at this stage..

And this is the final outcome...

I also tried to put it on Michelle - she has been wearing it for more than half an hour now and I'm very happy :D

I'm a beginner in sewing so each project takes me so long to finish, but I find that every time I started a new project, I learn many new techniques. BTW, the bapron is not actually my first project - shall blog about the rest soon :)

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