Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Red Polka Dot Sundress

I finally finished another piece by using tutorial from Craftiness Is Not Optional blog. I got a bit disheartened when doing this project because I actually measured the bodice wrongly and made it waaaaayyy too big so I had to alter it and made it smaller, that's why there's pleats at the top.. It didn't come from my creativity, but rather I was forced to improvise! :)

I also realized that due to my choice of fabric, the dress looked a bit plain so I added a bow decoration on the chest where the pleats are :)

So here's the final front view....

Please try to ignore the fact that the skirt looks a bit distorted... and it's not as wide flare as the one in the tutorial. I think I miscalculated the width of the skirt. Oh well...

And here's the back view... oh yeah, I need to sew that button...

Can't wait to let Michelle try this on... I hope it fits!! :)

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