Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stop complaining and be grateful for what you have!

Recently I've been complaining a lot about my life.. how tired I am and how I'm always rushing here and there, how Michelle being sick all the time is killing my spirit, etc etc... but today I was reading a few news that makes all my problems seem so small..

First there was the news about the 2 year old toddler in China who got hit and run twice, she died in the hospital. Her parents are probably too poor to send her to a daycare or to hire a nanny to take care of her while they are out working, and that's probably why a 2 year old toddler was walking in the street by herself. And there I was complaining about how I always have to wake up early to pack her bags, how daycare is making her sick all the time, etc when I actually still have a job that pays very well that allows us to send Michelle to daycare, pay for all the medical bills, and still have cash to eat out, buy things that we like, go on holidays whenever we want.

And then there was this story about this young girl called Charmaine who was diagnosed with cancer since she was 4 years old. She was fighting cancer for 2.5 years and she passed away last week. I only read the news today but actually her 3-day wake was held over the weekend and it was really near my place, could have gone there... Over the weekend, I was sending Michelle to her vaccination place and was lamenting about how she took so long to recover from her cough and also her eye infection. The mother of Charmaine probably had to quit her job to look after her sick daughter, spent lots of money for cancer treatment, and finally gave her up. She was literally bleeding to death and her mother actually prayed to God to take away her daughter, how painful that must be for her. I always think that the least thing that a child can do for his/her parents is to outlive them. I don't even know what I will do or how I will carry on if I don't have Michelle....

And then I was reading blog update from one of the craft blogs that I'm following, Lil Blue Boo. She must be a very brave and strong woman! She's also so positive that she can take all these in her stride and still feel so calm about it. This is about a woman who was trying to have another kid but now all her chances are taken away from her. While me, almost 2 years after child birth, still sometimes talk about how painful a C-section recovery was and still afraid of having another one.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Air conditioned daycare = germ hole!

Michelle has been falling sick so often ever since we sent her to daycare. On her first month there, she got infected with HFMD and then now she has bad cough! It's quite bad that even after 2 weeks of medication, she still has a bit of cough and when we went for follow-up check 2 weeks ago, the doctor mentioned that there was phlegm in her chest (sounds scary!!) so she asked us to rent a Nebulizer to administer some respiratory medicine for her.

Of course she cried the first time we tried to use it. The machine is so loud!!!

On the first week (yes, there's a 2nd week...) we didn't get to use it much because she cried so much, it was just so painful to see her like that. I guess at that point, we didn't really get the gravity of the situation yet. She ended up using the machine just once a day at night because we didn't really want to deal with a crying and throwing tantrum toddler during the morning rush.

So after the first week, we went for another follow-up check, doctor says that there's still phlegm in her chest and ordered an X-ray and blood test. This was her first X-ray and it was quite hard because we had to pin her down to the x-ray table and she was crying so hard because she was so scared (I guess it's because she didn't understand what was going on and what we were trying to do to her...and why are mommy and daddy grabbing me so hard and pinning me on the table?!?!)

Anyway, we went back to the doctor with the x-ray and blood test result and she was explaining to us (in Chinese! which I only understand around 80%) and at some point she was saying something that I didn't get "she doesn't have blah blah blah" so I was nudging my husband "what's she talking about?!" and he explained "She said there's no lung cancer" OMG WHY IS SHE SO DRAMATIC!!!! Of course she doesn't have lung cancer!!!! Her lung is pretty new and it was only used less than 2 years.. hmmpphhh!!! Anyway, she said to continue using the Nebulizer for another week and this time round we are doing it religiously. Besides, Michelle is getting pretty good at it now, perhaps she realized the machine doesn't actually harm her. She uses it while watching TV and the whole session lasts maybe around 15 mins so it was quite OK :)

Of course she can still dig her nose sometimes too :)

Apple Logo Softies

Last night, I was thinking of making whale softies for Michelle but don't have fabrics that I think is good fit, so I was thinking of making fruits softies instead. I ended up making other things, one particular one is a dress that ended up too small for Michelle :( oh well,.....

This morning when I logged in to my Facebook account, all my friends' status messages were "RIP Steve Jobs..." or something along that line *shocked!!* I knew he was sick and battling cancer but it was kind of sudden, especially since Apple just announced the launch of iPhone 4S, death just doesn't seem like something that was waiting for the founder of the company. But who knows right...

So instead of making apple softies, I decided to make the shape of the apple like the Apple logo, bitten at the side :)

Here's what I did...

  1. Use Google Image search for "apple logo" - there'll be plenty of it! Colored ones, black and white ones, etc. Print it (you can also enlarge) to the size that you want. For my case, I just set my printer setting to print the image to fully occupy my A4 size paper.
  2. Cut out the shape of the apple and don't forget the leaf too!
  3. Trace the shape to your fabric (folded because you need 2 pieces of each shape) using a fabric chalk or marker
  4. (the image and the instruction don't seem to match because I didn't exactly do it that way - I cut the paper with allowance and use it to cut the fabric, and then I cut the paper again to remove allowance, then trace it to the cut fabric, but afterwards I figured out that the other way is easier....)
  5. Cut the fabric with about 1 cm seam allowance for both the apple and the leaf
  6. Sew wrong sides of the leaf pieces together leaving a space of around 3 cm to turn the fabric around (also to insert your fillings), clip corners and curves.
  7. Turn the leaf inside out, put some poly-fil and slip-stitch the opening.
  8. Now put these in the following order from bottom to top (facing up):
    - Apple back piece right side
    - Leaf inside the apple (facing down instead of up... I should have taken photo of it but got distracted!)
    - Apple front piece wrong side
    (Basically we want to sew the wrong side of the apple pieces together while the leaf is stuck in the middle, make sure the leaf is using the correct orientation)
  9. Pin the sides along the apple leaving some gap for turning and to insert poly-fil
  10. Sew along the traced line on the fabric, clip corners and curves, iron the hem
  11. Insert more poly-fil and slip-stitch the opening
  12. DONE!
  13. Give the apple to an appreciative toddler

Monday, October 3, 2011

DIY Hair Clip Organizer

Not my idea again, I saw it from Craftiness Is Not Optional blog while I was browsing the blog a while ago... I found the tutorial on how to make it here because I'm lazy to write step-by-step how I did mine.

A few differences:
  • Instead of using batting, I used felt because there are quite a lot of them just lying around in my house.
  • I don't have a glue gun so I used fabric glue, let's hope it holds well :)

The photo frame that I used is from Michelle's Bambino studio photograph. I didn't quite like how the photo looks like inside that frame so I moved the photo to another frame that has black borders. And coincidentally, this white frame also didn't have glass cover. So here's the final outcome...

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