Thursday, October 6, 2011

Air conditioned daycare = germ hole!

Michelle has been falling sick so often ever since we sent her to daycare. On her first month there, she got infected with HFMD and then now she has bad cough! It's quite bad that even after 2 weeks of medication, she still has a bit of cough and when we went for follow-up check 2 weeks ago, the doctor mentioned that there was phlegm in her chest (sounds scary!!) so she asked us to rent a Nebulizer to administer some respiratory medicine for her.

Of course she cried the first time we tried to use it. The machine is so loud!!!

On the first week (yes, there's a 2nd week...) we didn't get to use it much because she cried so much, it was just so painful to see her like that. I guess at that point, we didn't really get the gravity of the situation yet. She ended up using the machine just once a day at night because we didn't really want to deal with a crying and throwing tantrum toddler during the morning rush.

So after the first week, we went for another follow-up check, doctor says that there's still phlegm in her chest and ordered an X-ray and blood test. This was her first X-ray and it was quite hard because we had to pin her down to the x-ray table and she was crying so hard because she was so scared (I guess it's because she didn't understand what was going on and what we were trying to do to her...and why are mommy and daddy grabbing me so hard and pinning me on the table?!?!)

Anyway, we went back to the doctor with the x-ray and blood test result and she was explaining to us (in Chinese! which I only understand around 80%) and at some point she was saying something that I didn't get "she doesn't have blah blah blah" so I was nudging my husband "what's she talking about?!" and he explained "She said there's no lung cancer" OMG WHY IS SHE SO DRAMATIC!!!! Of course she doesn't have lung cancer!!!! Her lung is pretty new and it was only used less than 2 years.. hmmpphhh!!! Anyway, she said to continue using the Nebulizer for another week and this time round we are doing it religiously. Besides, Michelle is getting pretty good at it now, perhaps she realized the machine doesn't actually harm her. She uses it while watching TV and the whole session lasts maybe around 15 mins so it was quite OK :)

Of course she can still dig her nose sometimes too :)

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