Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apple Logo Softies

Last night, I was thinking of making whale softies for Michelle but don't have fabrics that I think is good fit, so I was thinking of making fruits softies instead. I ended up making other things, one particular one is a dress that ended up too small for Michelle :( oh well,.....

This morning when I logged in to my Facebook account, all my friends' status messages were "RIP Steve Jobs..." or something along that line *shocked!!* I knew he was sick and battling cancer but it was kind of sudden, especially since Apple just announced the launch of iPhone 4S, death just doesn't seem like something that was waiting for the founder of the company. But who knows right...

So instead of making apple softies, I decided to make the shape of the apple like the Apple logo, bitten at the side :)

Here's what I did...

  1. Use Google Image search for "apple logo" - there'll be plenty of it! Colored ones, black and white ones, etc. Print it (you can also enlarge) to the size that you want. For my case, I just set my printer setting to print the image to fully occupy my A4 size paper.
  2. Cut out the shape of the apple and don't forget the leaf too!
  3. Trace the shape to your fabric (folded because you need 2 pieces of each shape) using a fabric chalk or marker
  4. (the image and the instruction don't seem to match because I didn't exactly do it that way - I cut the paper with allowance and use it to cut the fabric, and then I cut the paper again to remove allowance, then trace it to the cut fabric, but afterwards I figured out that the other way is easier....)
  5. Cut the fabric with about 1 cm seam allowance for both the apple and the leaf
  6. Sew wrong sides of the leaf pieces together leaving a space of around 3 cm to turn the fabric around (also to insert your fillings), clip corners and curves.
  7. Turn the leaf inside out, put some poly-fil and slip-stitch the opening.
  8. Now put these in the following order from bottom to top (facing up):
    - Apple back piece right side
    - Leaf inside the apple (facing down instead of up... I should have taken photo of it but got distracted!)
    - Apple front piece wrong side
    (Basically we want to sew the wrong side of the apple pieces together while the leaf is stuck in the middle, make sure the leaf is using the correct orientation)
  9. Pin the sides along the apple leaving some gap for turning and to insert poly-fil
  10. Sew along the traced line on the fabric, clip corners and curves, iron the hem
  11. Insert more poly-fil and slip-stitch the opening
  12. DONE!
  13. Give the apple to an appreciative toddler

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