Monday, August 20, 2012

Michelle is Toilet Trained.. Woohooo!!

During the last long National Day holiday weekend, I took the chance to properly toilet train Michelle. I stole the idea from another mother from one of those zillion craft blogs that I'm following. I will put the link here when I find it again!

In the past, I just refused to let her wear diaper and just give her training pants or panties and kept on bringing her to the toilet every 20-30 minutes, but I got carried away with Pinterest and sometimes forget to bring her and she'll also forget to tell me! It got quite frustrating because she would pee on the fabric sofa, on the parquet floor, everywhere!! And when I'm not monitoring her, my husband would simply put her diaper back on. Very supportive eh?

So they have many tricks like pee party etc, I just borrowed the part where they reward the boy for using the toilet successfully. In Michelle's case, since she doesn't really like candies, I substituted it with chocolate, which is her favorite.

I told her that every time she successfully pee in the toilet, I will give her 2 small M&M chocolate and if she poop in the toilet, it will be 1 square chocolate (which is quite big..). I also kept on making chrysanthemum tea for her so that her bladder is always full. She was very excited on the first day and we had no accident at all, but perhaps too much chocolate caused her to be constipated, so no big square chocolate on the first day.

She still wears diapers during nap time and night time because I don't think she can control her bladder at night yet. But sometimes she would refuse to wear diaper for nap time, we haven't given in on that yet. She also wears diaper when we are going out, which is quite often for e.g. after work, so during the weekdays, we didn't really have much chance of continuing the toilet training but her teacher mentioned that the trick is also quite successful in school. I packed a sheet of stickers for the teacher to give to Michelle when she successfully uses the toilet.

This week, since she has undergone the eye procedure, we have been staying at home a lot and we have seen much more improvements on the toilet training. She can say when she wants to go pee, and she finally poop in the toilet (YAY bowel movement!!!). And as a reward, she got 2 small square chocolate - ran out of the big square chocolate :)

So in conclusion:

  • Cute/pretty panties don't really work for her
  • Chocolate works!
  • Stickers work too :)
I hope her progress doesn't go backwards when we go for holiday next week. I read that a lot of kids go backwards when there are major changes in their lives. Holiday is considered as major.

PS: Found the link to the pee pee party here.

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