Monday, August 20, 2012

Michelle's Eye Procedure

Eyelid before procedure
Last Thursday night, we thought Michelle's eye lower eyelid was getting bigger from the infection so we sent an MMS to her eye doctor as he had instructed us before. He recommended eye procedure to be done to remove the stuff inside the eyelid. It would be a short procedure but would require general anesthesia because she's too little.

I confirmed with the doctor on Friday and wanted to arrange the procedure to be done on Friday because he also mentioned that she would need a few days to recover so I thought it would be better to do it asap so that I can be around longer before I go for my business trip but the earliest slot available is on Sunday morning at 7:30.

Still playing at hospital bed
before the procedure
After admission, we were ushered to the ward where they took her temperature, blood pressure, and oxygen level, and also gave her the hospital robe and head cover. She was still running around at that time. I guess reality still hasn't settled in to her, or maybe the hospital room looks like a hotel room so she didn't know what was going on.

Next, we were brought to the area outside the operating theater and in the beginning she was still fine - playing with the nurse's phone. Cool huh? Actually she was already a little bit scared at this point...

Check out the stylish operating
theater gown..
Finally the doctor arrived, and when I passed her to my hubby, she started crying saying that she doesn't want to go inside. I think at this point, she was quite terrified.. my husband told me that she refused to lie down on the operating table (I would too if I were 2.5 years old!) so my husband had to carry her while they sedated her. It took less than 10 seconds for her to fall asleep. The wait outside was about 20 minutes for me, but it felt much longer. Every time someone exits the door, we (ok.. I) jumped a little bit.

When the nurse called us in, I could hear Michelle crying already, she was very angry and was kicking her feet all over the place. I guess it was because when she woke up, she couldn't recognize anyone and all of them were wearing masks, etc. She was probably also angry at us for leaving her there... sorry baby :(

The next hour was spent carrying her in the ward, while she refused to let other people carry her and also refused to let me sit down while carrying her... biceps anyone? After a while, she got distracted by cartoon on TV (yay TV!!) and slowly she was drinking her Milo and taking small bites of her sandwich... and her chocolate ice cream which the nurse ordered for her (as bribe)..

Lower eyelid after procedure,
swollen because of crying
as well
Her eyelid was still swollen after the surgery - doc told us that it would take a few days for the swelling to go down but the skin will take longer to heal (so annoying lah..). Frankly, I can't really tell the difference from before and after the procedure. However, tonight, it seems that she's much more comfortable than the night before. I guess having a bump so near to your eye is also quite annoying...

So what happened to her eye? According to the doctor, it's bacteria infection and it's quite common for small kids to get it because they tend to touch everything (true...) and then rub their eyes (also true that...), but Michelle likes to wash her hands because she likes playing water, so I thought that she should be of low risk for this. But anyway, we have told her not to touch her eyes, hopefully she remembers that..

But yeah, it's so tough being a parent.. every time something bad happen to Michelle, I always beat myself up guilty even though I know that some stuff are beyond my control... sigh... I just hope that she doesn't go anywhere near an operating theater anymore!! I feel quite traumatized by this small procedure already, I can imagine she must be even more scared than me... :(

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