Monday, August 13, 2012

To Hit Back or Hold Back?

We have always taught Michelle not to hit or bully other children, and she would go into big trouble if caught doing so and so far she has done pretty well.

On Friday, I brought her down to a playground near our house and she was playing happily. There's this boy who is slightly smaller than her who was playing nearby her. When she was coming down the steps, the boy was pushing her using his feet (?!!?) She didn't hit back, just shouted "Mommy, this friend kicked me..." with a look of plea... At first I just brushed it off as I thought he didn't do it on purpose.

Next thing, Michelle has finally came down but one of her Crocs sandals came off so she was picking it up. Suddenly that same boy appeared out of nowhere and smacked her on the face (?!?!??!?!!!!!) and she cried while holding her Crocs. I had hoped that she would just use it to smack him back in the face or shove it to his mouth, but darling girl didn't hit him back.... probably because we told her not to hit another child...

This is an old photo but still... how can you hit this face?!?!
His grandfather came over and scolded him, but he didn't even shown any remorse... quite a handful one I can tell.. My sister was there too so she was the whole thing, and when Michelle ran back to where we were sitting, both of us had the same reaction "Why didn't you hit him with the shoes, Michelle?!?"

I told my husband about the incident too and we kinda agree that kids should fight back, but not start the fight. What would you teach your kids?

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