Friday, August 10, 2012

What I've Been Busy With...

I can't believe that the last time I posted something was in January..... ;)

Guess I was just too busy with too many things (ignoring the wise saying to simplify my life..)

So work has been so busy because there's people joining the team and they need training, there are also more projects and responsibilities to take on. At home, as usual, there's more things to do: play with Michelle, watch tv with her, tidy up the house, wash the baby bottles, pack school bags, etc... and then there are also so many distractions on the "internet" - Google News, Facebook, Pinterest, etc....

In the past few months, my husband was also thinking of selling our current place and getting a bigger one so that we can have another extra bedroom.. for maid.... now thinking back about it, I think it's quite lame. So anyway, I've managed to convinced to him to just stay in our current place but also to do some renovation to build some built-in storage areas for all our junks! Hence the extra time spent on Pinterest.. ;)

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I've also managed to improve on my sewing skills, my last creation is a trench coat for Michelle, which is too big because I used the 4 yo pattern because I thought she's bigger than girls her age. I shall blog about the jacket in a separate post...when I have the time!

Photos of the stuff that I made can be found below...

Among all these, I guess the most important milestone that I have achieved is that I have survived motherhood in the past few months~ it's really the toughest job I ever had, with no vacation or sick day, etc but also the most rewarding. She has started talking much more now, as in she can bargain and even do emotional blackmail. A conversation between her and her daddy:

Michelle: "Daddy, do you love me?"
Daddy: "Yes, dear"
Michelle: "Give me chocolate..."

another conversation overheard while both of them were sitting on the couch watching a show and Michelle started to get bored and began taking other stuff, jumping around, etc..

Daddy: "Michelle, sit down!" (a few times... getting impatient...)
Michelle: *sigh* "I don't want to sit here.... you don't love me..."

I was quite angry to him when she said that because I felt that we have spent so much effort to make her feel loved and cared for, and then with just small incident, it makes her feel that her daddy doesn't love her... but maybe that's just her trying to emotionally blackmail him :D

And today.... this is is just a slow and relaxing day... it's her daycare closure day so I took a day off from work to spend with her. From morning, we have watched half a movie (she doesn't like Aladdin... Jaffar is too scary!), went to a playground, had lunch at my sis place, showered and now she's taking her nap :)

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