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Korea Trip Day 2 Part 2: Samcheongdong, Bukchon Hanok Village, Hanbok Experience, and Jogyesa Temple

This is the second part of my Korea trip day 2 itinerary. You can read part 1: Gwanghwamun, Gyeongbok Palace, and Blue House here.

From Cheongwadae or Blue House, you can basically walk towards the right.. just go straight all the way following the road until you find a junction. When you find a junction, cross the junction and that's the start of Samcheongdong where you can find all the cafes and small shops lined up.

Google Maps give quite a hilarious walking direction..

Actually what you are supposed to do is walk on the yellow road just below it and then turn left at the GS25 junction and that's how you can go to Samcheongdong.

We reached there around noon-ish and was starving after the long walk. We wanted to eat Kraze Burger but we couldn't find it. I asked one of the stall owner there and he said it closed down so we ate at this Korean BBQ place called Maple Tree House.

BBQ lunch at Samcheongdong
Food was really awesome here and in general, I really liked the food that we had in Korea. For BBQ, they don't even use any marinate but the meat just tasted better like that. I'm also happy to get unlimited supply of radish kimchi. Most Korean restaurants in Singapore just serve cabbage kimchi.

After a satisfying BBQ lunch with +Iris Cheng and +Cherry Ann Basinang  :)

After lunch, we walked a bit and explored Samcheongdong area and we found this shop that sells everything in chicken design.. we went in and everything was chicken!! Not sure why they find chicken cute? :D

Chicken everywhere!

And more chicken!
What's this? Lots of people queueing...

At one of the small shops selling cute little accessories

As you walk along Samcheondong, you'll see small alleys and you can actually take one of these small alleys to Bukchon village. There are also volunteers (or workers?) from KTO wearing red color uniform standing around these areas and they'll give you Bukchon area map. They have the maps in multiple languages but sometimes they run out of maps. You can still ask them for directions though.

One of the traditional house in Bukchon village

More houses! And more tourists! :)

Copied this pose from a little boy :D
I want this house!

And then we were walking towards Anguk station and by chance we saw a signboard for hanbok experience so we just followed the sign that leads us to a small alley. They were actually going to close in about half an hour time but they still let us try the hanbok and take photos. I think they charged us around KRW1,000 for this. I can't remember the exact amount but it's just a small fee.

The girl there let me wear the princess clothes while my colleagues wore queen and gisaeng clothes. They only have 1 piece of each costume and most of them are of different sizes so it really depends on your luck which costume fits your size..

I was just trying to tie my hair to the back so that it looks better with the headpiece but the girl helped me to braid my hair at the back. Service was good! :)

The only room setup for taking photo

This is just like a small balcony near the place where they keep all the costumes
After taking all the photos, we went to check out Jogyesa temple. This temple offers temple stay program but of course we didn't try it. We also didn't follow any tour there, just take photos of the buildings and the area. There were a lot of people praying inside the temple so I felt a bit disruptive to go in and take photos..

Right outside Jogyesa temple
People praying at Jogyesa temple

After Jogyesa, we called it a day and took the subway back to Samseong station but we stopped by Hyundai dept store which is located in Coex Mall to get some groceries, mainly drinks like banana milk (yum!) and Korean cup noodles :)

Raspberry wine!
I have also been curious about a green colour gassy drink that appeared in "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" K-drama and was trying to image search the drink. I think I found it but it looks like different brand. Anyway, it just tastes like Sprite but it feels Korean because the wording is in Korean :D

Cider.. tastes like Sprite!

And I don't remember eating dinner on that day... or maybe we ate cup noodle :D

Samcheongdong: From the back of Gyeongbok-gung, take the exit to opposite Cheongwadae and walk towards the right until you find a junction and turn left at the junction.

Bukchon Hanok Village: Take one of the small alleys along Samcheongdong, or go to Anguk station (line 3), turn left and walk around 200 meters to Bukchon Traditional Cultural Center.

Hanbok Experience: (We found this by chance so the direction is a bit blurry to me now) From Samcheongdong walk towards Anguk station and look out for the sign to turn left to a small alley. There are also many other places that can let you try hanbok scattered all over Seoul and South Korea.

Jogyesa Temple: Anguk Station (Line 3) exit 6 walk straight until you see a 5-junction and take a left. Refer to map below.

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