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Korea Trip Day 3: Korean Folk Village & Everland Theme Park

Both Korean Folk Village and Everland Theme Park are located outside of Seoul city. They are located in Yongin which is still reachable by subway or bus. It takes about 1-2 hours depending on which subway station is nearest to your hotel. For directions, scroll all the way to the end of this post. 

I read somewhere that it's not recommended to combine both of them in a single day because each of them can take a day but for us, it was actually fine to combine both of them because my 2 colleagues think all the houses in Folk Village look the same (ahem... they don't!) and they also don't really take rides in Everland (phobia! hahaha) so we didn't really need a whole day in Everland.

Found this mascot just after entering Korean Folk Village

Sauce pots!! I've always wondered how sauces don't go bad when kept inside this kind of container.. these are not even fridges! :)
The Korean Folk Village is used to film many K-dramas so they have a lot of boards like the one below in the area. I took photos of some of them for reference so that I can search for them later on. I haven't watched quite a few of them!

This one looks good.. have to watch it soon! :)
There's a wishing rock in the Korean Folk Village. They provide slips of paper and pens and people actually write down their wish(es) there. My 2 colleagues did, I didn't - I don't believe in this kind of things..
Hmm.. instructions on how to write your wish? :)
After you write your wish, you are supposed to fold them and then tie it to the string on these rocks. You can see that many people have tied their wishes there.

Wishing rocks

Blacksmiths workshop.. not sure if they produce actual swords from here?

Farmer's house or fisherman's house.. cannot remember... :p

Beautiful lake inside Korean Folk Village
Don't know what this is... :D
Inside the children's park - 사랑해 :)

Kitchen.. no shiny tabletop counter last time!
There's an area where you can try your skill in traditional Korean games like arrow throwing, swings, and jump rope. We tried all of them and we were really bad at those games! :)

Trying out traditional Korean game
One ahjussi (uncle) managed to swing soooooo high! I was worried that he might fall off the swing!

Traditional swings.. you're supposed to stand on it, not sit :)
I think this is the only one that we managed to do quite properly... :D

Nobleman's house

Nobleman's house

This is how they transport water last time :)

You can buy traditional Korean snacks from this ahjumma (aunty)
Narrow wooden bridge
There's also something like a food court inside the folk village so we had our lunch there.




And they also have those boards of popular K-dramas! All my fav dramas in one place!! They had 5 boards up at that time: Rooftop Prince, Moon Embracing the Sun, Arang & The Magistrate, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and Dr. Jin. I wish they had Faith too! All these 6 dramas are really nice to watch btw :)

Rooftop Prince!

The Moon Embracing the Sun :)

Sitting in a Korean palanquin for the first time.. it's really small.. how did people manage to get inside this thing last time with their big fake hair and big hanbok??
We found a commoner's house there as well. It was used to film the K-drama Dr. Jin and this is the house where the main female character lived with her mother and brother. And since this is a commoner house, they put stuff that commoners last time used like the slippers below... definitely not as comfortable as our padded shoes!

Traditional rattan shoes/slippers.. painful!

At this point, my 2 colleagues were getting bored looking at similar looking houses lol so we proceeded to take a taxi to go to Everland theme park. I think it took about 15 minutes by taxi but I can't remember exactly.

At Entrance of Everland with +Cherry Ann Basinang and +Iris Cheng 
They have shows inside Everland and they are held at specific timings and you need to get tickets (free) for these shows and be at the queue before the show started. We watch Psy hologram concert which was quite funny.

Halloween decorations are up.. I wish they had something else though..

This is probably the nicest area in the whole of Everland... flowers everywhere!

Path inside the garden where you can walk and enjoy the sceneries..


Frankenstein's bride.. snobbish!

Gumiho is friendlier..

Grim reaper
If you're into ghosts, there are many more different types parading around there and you can take photos with them. They also have a "ghost show/parade" later on.

While waiting for the closing parade, we took more photos at the beautiful garden.. :)

This one reminded me of K-drama Secret Garden

Lots and lots of beautiful flowers there

Water fountain.. pretty sure some dramas were filmed here!

One of the vehicles in the parade.. so colourful!

Going back to the hotel was kinda weird to me because we took a shuttle bus which we assumed would bring us back to Suwon station but it brought us to a different station that's not even in the map. I cannot remember what the station name is now, but that station is actually connected to the rest of Seoul stations so just look at the local maps at the station and find the correct subway (or ask the friendly ahjussi there..)

Korean Folk Village: Take subway to Suwon subway station (line 1) exit 4 and change to either shuttle bus (hourly) or simply take a taxi. The bus and taxi ride is about 30 minutes long. Another way: Take subway to Gangnam station (line 2) exit 10 and change to bus 5001-1 or 1560. Website:

Entrance fee: KRW15,000/12,000/10,000 for adult, teenager and adult respectively. There's also coupon service for this, and we only paid KRW 10,000 per person. Free pass allows you to enter the children's park. We bought this but I don't think it was worth it. Just skip this and go to Everland instead.

Yong-in Everland theme park: We took taxi from Korean Folk Village to Everland. If you're not going from Everland, you can take subway and get down at Gangnam station (line 2) and then take bus 5002 (about 50 minutes ride) OR to Suwon station (line 1) and then take bus 66 or 66-4 (1 hour ride).

Entrance fee: KRW44,000/37,000/34,000 for adult, teenager, and children/senior citizens. There's also coupon service for foreigners and you can download and print them from their website. With the coupon, you just need to pay KRW 35,000 for adult so we saved about SGD 10 per person.

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