Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Korea Trip Day 5: Google Korea office and shopping at Gangnam

We started today by visiting Google Korea office and we stayed there for lunch and met up with a few colleagues, some we met online before.

Android designed lobby :)

Google Korea doodle.. cute!
I also got a Mac Korean keyboard from there. It's so hard to find in Singapore! With this keyboard, it's much easier to type hangeul.

No more stretching to the built-in keyboard to type hangeul! :)

After lunch, we decided to shop somewhere near the office because we planned to go back to the office to meet up with some people. And look who I found at the subway station! 2NE1!!! Best girl group ever hehe :)

2NE1 yo! :)

Since it was raining, we decided to just shop at the underground area of Gangnam subway. There are a lot of sale over there actually. Lots of tops are selling for only KRW10,000 (slightly less than SGD 12) for normal tops. And for those silky blouses, lots of them are selling for KRW 30,000. I think this is more or less standard pricing.

There are also lots of shops selling small accessories like hair bands, rings, bracelets, necklaces... all the pretty little stuff :)

Hairbands hairbands everywhere!

Bracelet :)
Also bought Clio eyeliner there! I managed to find it only in one of the small shops at the underground shopping place and another place was at Artbox in Gangnam.

I highly recommend these eyeliners because they are super fine and super waterproof :)

When the rain got a little bit smaller, we went out of the underground shopping area and saw this underground Daiso.. bought some nail stickers from there, but it didn't turn out that nice.. lots of wrinkly edges after applying :(

Underground Daiso outside Gangnam station
We also sat down at Paris Baguette (actually they are everywhere in Korea) and had this garlic bread and pudding drink (yum!!). I just wanted to check if the Paris Baguette in Seoul is better than the one in Singapore. I think in terms of setup, the one in Wisma Atria seems more high-end because it's setup like a restaurant rather than simply a cafe. For the food, the pudding is about the same but I find the bread in Seoul is drier..

Garlic bread and pudding drink :)
After some more shopping, we went back to the office to meet up with some people and then went for dinner at Nolboo duck restaurant. It's basically duck cooked with various goodies like ginseng, sticky rice, etc. Very yummy but definitely too much for us, the portion was really huge! A colleague drove there so I'm not very sure about the direction to the restaurant.

Check out the "content" of the duck
Photo credit to +Cherry Ann Basinang 

Pardon my greedy face.. the duck was too yummy :D
Photo credit to +Cherry Ann Basinang 

Google Korea Office: not telling.. :)

Gangnam underground shopping: Gangnam station (line 2)

Nolboo: There are many outlets for this restaurant as it's a chain. They have a website but it's only in Korean. The address for the central outlet is 205, Sapyeong-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul (Hangeul address: 서울특별시 서초구 사평대로 205 (반포동))

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