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Korea Trip Day 6: Busan Haeundae Tour, Taejongdae Recreational Park, Jagalchi Fish Market, Centum City Spa Land, Gwangan Bridge

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From Seoul station, we took the KTX train to Busan station. The journey took about 3 hours but it was fine because the train is comfortable and clean. There are many people selling bentos but it was too early for lunch so we skipped the KTX bento.

KTX tickets for 3 :)
However, when we reached Busan station, we were so hungry and we went to Lotteria burger (inside the station complex as well). I think the food is quite similar to Mac or Burger King.

Yummy burger. had to pay KRW 500 for chilli sauce!

From outside the station, we crossed the road towards the direction of Arirang hotel and there's bus stop for 2 buses there: Haeundae Tour direction or Taejongdae Tour direction. You can buy the ticket from the driver directly for KRW10,000 per adult and you can join both tour routes, just make sure to hop on the bus before the last bus leave the bus stop.

More details about the tour can be found in the Visit Korea website. These are basically hop-on hop-off bus so you can get on and off as many times as you like.

Busan City tour bus
Valid for both routes.. just buy once!

The stop nearest to our hotel.. that turned out to be a motel!

This is basically my impressions of Busan... rainy, cloudy and gloomy...
When the rain stopped a little bit, we also made a visit to Jagalchi fish market because +Iris Cheng wanted to have some. But +Cherry Ann Basinang and I don't eat raw fish so we just tagged along. It turned out that most of these sellers do not want to cook for just one person so at the end, she didn't try anything here.

Lots of this kind of stalls along the road

First and last time in a fish market!

The tour buses are supposed to be equipped with electronic guide but I simply couldn't get them to work. Nothing happens when I pressed any of these buttons on the screen... maybe broken :(

The supposedly electronic guide in the bus..
After one round of Haeundae bus tour, we went back to Busan station where we can now switch to the Taejongdae tour. We visited the Taejongdae recreational park. We didn't walk that much though ..because we're lazy.. but this place is really pretty :)

Rocky beach below.. you can take the stairs to go down to the beach but we didn't because it probably look nicer from the top anyways :)
After that, we went back to the Jagalchi fish market stop and walked around Busan International Film (BIFC) area. There are lots of street food there, but at the end we went to this restaurant that sells only chicken and ordered this plate of fried chicken wings and drumlets. These are really tasty :)

Yummy fried chicken

After dinner, we took a taxi to Centum City Shinsegae to use the spa there. It's really relaxing and they have sooooo many sauna rooms, from hot to cold, and they also have outdoor area for soaking feet. We ate patbingsu again!

Outdoor sauna... the water was very hot!! Feet soup anyone? :D
Photo credit to +Cherry Ann Basinang 

Just a small section of the huge spa area!
Photo credit to +Cherry Ann Basinang 

After this, we took another cab to Gwangan beach to view Gwangan bridge at night.

Gwangan bridge at night
After Gwangan beach, we took a cab back to the Haeundae beach station where our hotel is located. However, it turned out that even when they advertised the room as hotel, most of the "hotels" here are actually "motels". They don't have any service or facility, for e.g. they only provide small towels and not the big bath towels.


Busan Station: book ticket from Korail website: or if you're not the super planning type, just appear in Seoul station and buy the ticket from there. I prefer booking first to avoid surprises. Cost varies depending on the class of cabin that you book and also the timing (similar to airplane)

Haeundae & Taejongdae tour: Buses depart from Busan station, opposite Arirang hotel. Cost KRW10,000.

Spa Land: Shinsegae Dept Store Centum City by taxi or Centum City station (Busan subway line 2). Cost KRW 12,000 for 4 hours. Pay more if exceed the time limit. Shinsegae website:

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