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Korea Trip Day 8: Jeju Island: Sangumburi, Kim Young Gap Gallery Dumoak, Seobjikoji, All-in House, Manjanggul Cave, Love Land

I can't believe it took me more than 3 months to finally publish this... :)

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This will be our last full day in Jeju and we packed it with more sight seeing. The places that we visited are along the way from Kasan Tobang (our hotel for the previous night) towards our hotel for the following night (EJ Hotel), which turn out to be a motel actually!

Below is the map of the route that we took.

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First we went to Sangumburi, lot of nice greeneries and clear blue skies :)

Sangumburi Crater... the roads are paved with anti slip mats.. very considerate!

Beautiful crater :)

Reflecting on my past mistakes.... :D

Heaven must look something similar to this... :)

LOL jumping girls!

After Sangumburi, we asked our driver to drive us to Kim Young Gap Gallery as it was recommended by our colleagues. It's nice but we were not very impressed, maybe we're not arty enough. Kim Young Gap is a photographer who has been taking photos of Jeju island for many years and this gallery displays some of his works.

A small cafe inside the gallery

Next is Seobjikoji which also has lots of greeneries.. to be frank, all these places are starting to look very similar to me.

This might look easy but it actually took some effort to climb up here :)

Nearby, there's the house where they filmed the K-Drama All In. I didn't watch the drama actually but we still went there anyway :)

After All In House, we went to Manjanggul Cave but we didn't take photo because it was really dark inside the cave.. and my phone was used as flashlight instead :)

Last stop is Love Land, which is like a sex museum designed by some university students in Korea. I saw a lot of ahjummas taking photos there while giggling, must be very funny to them! Overall, I don't find this place nice.. there are just lots of statues of nakedness and genitals...

The next morning, we took a short 10 minutes taxi ride to the airport and flew back to Seoul. We reached there around noon time, took a quick lunch and then put our stuff back at our hotel near Samseong station. Since we had some time to kill and not much itinerary for the next 2 days, we basically just went around shopping at Myeongdong, tried Mealtop patbingsu (definitely much better than Cafe Bene), met up with our Korean friends, etc.

So this post will be my last post about this Korea trip :)

For summary of the whole trip, check out my previous blog post South Korea Trip Sept 2013 11D10N Itinerary (Seoul, Busan, Jeju)

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