Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Favourite Beauty Vloggers

I just realized that even though I have loved makeup longer than any other things in my life (except my family and friends of course!), I have never blogged about it until my previous blog post about kids makeup vlogger. So here's to sharing a few of my favourite makeup tutorials from my favourite beauty gurus.

Pony - she does her videos in 2 channels: insiteTV (has way more videos and also from other vloggers) and Pony Makeup (newer). I think she's one of the top makeup artist in Korea as she has her own makeup books published in multiple languages and even CL from 2NE1 recently collaborated with her to change her image. Pony shares many helpful tips in her video such as how to choose the correct makeup brush, products, techniques, etc.

Meejmuse - if you like to listen to cute Korean Australian accent, you should subscribe to her. Super sweet girl and she shares lots of makeup tricks. I particularly love her haul and product review videos. Her skin type is totally different from mine so sometimes the products that she recommend is really a miss for me but I still enjoy the way she delivers her videos.

Ssin Nim - for super super entertaining videos! She goes around looking like a boy but when she transforms, you'll go WHOA!

clothesencounters - I think this one is more of a fashion blogs but she also does makeup videos.

From Head to Toe - As you can probably get the drift by now, I really enjoyed watching the Asian beauty gurus because the makeup that they do on their faces tend to work better on Asian faces (read: mine) and Jen from Head to Toe here has soooooo many videos!

Also, beauty vloggers regularly share product reviews and their comments on products that they bought during their shopping trips or travels so you kinda get an idea of what's good in the market out there. Sometimes they introduce some products that are cheap and good! :)

Now you go watch and be pretty! :)

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