Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Kids Makeup Vlogger?

Random posting of the year! Just realized I haven't blogged much ever since I came back from Korea trip. Well, been busy with some work stuff and sometimes just plain laziness.

I've been watching makeup vlogs by those beauty gurus to learn some neat makeup tricks. However, recently I found out that even among kids, there are makeup gurus as well but I don't think they can go out with those makeup unless they are going to some sort of costume party LOL. Below is Michelle's favourite because she has tutorials on how to do My Little Pony characters makeup. I would say her skill is pretty good! :)

She even knows those terms that beauty vloggers usually like inner corner of the eyes and she knows her tools as well. She probably has the most glitters among all the beauty vloggers... so many colors!

So if you have spare makeup, a willing kid, and some free time - go draw your kid's face! :)

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