About Me

Happily married and mom of one daughter, I like pretty stuff (who doesn't?!) and I also strive to learn new things everyday. I think it keeps me going. My husband always says that I'm like a thunderstorm because I have so many interests and I tend to get over-excited about it at first and a lot of times some of these "hobbies" just die off, which I have to admit is true. My interest varies from website design, baking, organizing, home-making, learning languages, crafts, piano, etc.

Our little family

This blog is another avenue for me to do one of the things that I enjoy doing which is writing.. I used to keep a diary but over the years, there are just too many of them so I think going digital is the better way to do it now :)

When I'm not doing whatever I feel like doing, I actually go to work at the office. That also gives me a break from my crazy life.

Do leave me a note if you enjoy reading what I wrote :)

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